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Secret Recipe's 11th Anniversary Buy 1 Free 1 Cake!

Just back from Secret Recipe Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Jln. Tun Mohd Fuad 1 branch. I went there at 4.30pm and the Q was alright I guess, better than warehouse sales Q! It was moving and there are chairs for u to sit outside the shop. Manage to check out what cakes were offered under this promotion.

There were only cheesecakes lefts when I reach there and by the time I got to ordering and paying, I could only choose from the selection below. Did anyone notice that the cakes also look stress?
  • baked cheesecake
  • caramel cheesecake
  • high fibre cheesecake
  • cappucino cheesecake
I took Cappucino of course. It looks yummy. I was given a voucher to redeem my second cake in 7 day's time. They were rm70 (except for high fibre cheesake rm5 more from what my auntie said). The 2nd cake voucher must be redeem within the time given and for any cake that's rm70 at any branch. So far so good!!!!

Before I left the area at 6pm, I saw the line was long and stagnant. A quick look tells me the cakes are finish. No more cakes, but one kind uncle told me that they're sending a lorry with more cakes to this branch and that takes 1 hour. More choices but have to wait for them. Well I wonder if the customers get the vouchers or not? I prefer to get 2 vouchers than to buy a cake I don't like for the sake of buy1 free 1. Anybody want my capuccino cheesecake? I am willing to trade it for your voucher.

yummy yummy cheesecake
Check out SNS Site for more hype about Secret Recipe's Buy 1 Free 1 drama! Shoppers giving their reviews about today's morning horror session & I heard alamanda branch is a disaster in the morning! omg omg.

1. Promotion starts from 11.00 am and valid while stocks last for the day.
2. Buy 1 Free 1 applicable to cakes available in promo selection only.
3. No pre-order, pre-payment or phone orders will be accepted for the promotion.
4. Promotion is limited to ONE CAKE PURCHASE / TRANSACTION per customer in queue only.
5. Not applicable with any other card privileges / promotions / discounts.
6. Customer MUST QUEUE to be entitled for the promotion.
7. There will also be an option available for a FREE Whole Cake Voucher in replacement FREE Whole Cake.


  1. Wow they give vouchers this year huh.. Last year was a horror story .. I waited for 1 and half hour then my space was replaced by my friend for another 2 hours!!! ( iwent back since it was a working day after all :D .. But we got the cakes that we wanted.. Thank god. This year they plan it better I guess.. Good for you to go for this one.. hope they have it again next year.. I look out for it!!

  2. woah last year horror story?? then this year is really better already. They prepare Q line, and vouchers so that the free cake u can collect next time. It's my first time for this promo XD n lucky not so horrorifying.. i heard morning session really horrorr >_<

    next year will be 12.12.09 or not?

  3. did you try their durian cake, i bought last month, quite yummy. in that instance, the cake win over the waist. hahaha.

  4. yesterday around 8.30 pm, i took less that 5 min to buy 2 vouchers since the cakes is finished. i bought it at bangsar outlet..........

  5. Jamie.... I would have no problem with buying cakes their and not eat a peace... as long as my dad is around there is no way it would last long enough for me to get a peace even if I bought two cakes...

  6. banyak orang woah last headache

  7. I likes this. I have submitted my own very easy to prepare recipes on this site


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