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  • I now owned a LG Q handphone!


    I am now a proud owner of a LG Q handphone! My handphone for 5 years finally gave way and I had to get another handphone. It was a urgent issue for me as I could not be contacted by anyone once my handphone KO-ed. Why did I even thought of buying this handphone? well it's so darn cute, I love the colors and I was attracted by it's advertising print (yes I am a sucker for advertising prints). I saw this in Malaysian Today newspaper and it was love at first sight. I spent 3 hours trying to find a dealer in Mid Valley and so far only 3 shops are selling this handphone. Dr. Mobile & another two shops on 2nd floor. The 2 other shops wanted to sell me rm799!!! (WTF wasn't it advertised as RM699?) so I left. I finally got to Dr.Mobile Clinic and they charge me RM699 with 2.5% credit card interest charge. The phone don't come with a memory card so I had to buy 2G rm70 (sales guy said this is special price just for me, I don't know how true is that).

    Well overall I am quite happy with my purchase but I am very worried about using this kinda phones (u know the one with sliding features as it will get faulty by usage/time). I have never used a sliding feature phone yet so let's just see how long this last? My bf was going on and on about why people don't buy "cheap" phones like this (bcoz of sliding will spoil). Sorrylah I am not filthy rich like him to buy I Phone.

    Anyway for RM699 I think it was pretty ok. It has:
    • 2mp camera
    • touch screen dialing! (alpha-numeric)
    • sliding qweerty keypad (so cute)
    • cool design!
    • cool color! (they don't have pink/red must be ordered but I think blue is the most oustanding)
    • wap, mp3, bluetooth etc (click on poster to find out)

    What do you think? did I make a good buy? I have 3 days to go back to them and maybe convinced them to sell me another phone! haha (back up plan).


    1. I want to get a new phone too!!!
      cute cute
      and I tagged u on my LJ

    2. Jamie...compared to what I have, or should I say compared to my peace of junk yours is a super phone! If some one offered me a phone like that I would not refuse it but if I had to pay I will stick with my peace of junk! As long as you like it and it works good for you then beside me being jealous, you got a great phone there!

    3. yeah, it's a great looking phone. irregardless of what people says, what matter most is that you like it. just like me, i have been using phones like nec, motorola, siemens, samsung, nokia and now vodafone, most of them sliding phone.

      to tell the truth, sliding phone and flip phone is more for gaya than anything else. still, for 699, if it lasts you 2 years, that is only 30 ringgit per month, 1 ringgit a day, not even your newspaper can be had for that price, ok?

    4. i think the phone can tahan u for min 3yrs (or up to 5yrs)

      and if it malfunctions again, u have all the reasons to get a newer mobile

      this plus the new one (if same price range la) will still cost less than a iphone hehe

    5. uh where is "YOUR" old handphone ah... that phone is mine oh. Where u put it liau?

    6. ooh wow i fell in love too with that LG Q the moment it came out in the newspaper!!!

      I've always wanted a QWERTY keypad phone but they always come with high-specs...thus,high-prices.

      Hihi,so how is it working out for you?Any faults?Coz,i wanna buy that frikin' phone!

    7. i got it real cheap at rm650 with free 1gb mmc. but the battery die easily la...

    8. karipapsayur: no 3g dear

      adlyn: wow so cheap? how come cheaper than advertised? mine.. rm799 and have to top up rm70 for 2gb mmc if not it don't come with mmc at all! the battery bcoz the lcd screen so big?? lol.. mebbe

      jeoffry: it's kinda slow.. they pack those applications into this phone causing it slow down on system.

      Johny: rm699 realy ok liao lo compare to buying iphone >_< if can tahan min 3 years wow rm699 / 3 years = good!

      Izy: LJ?? what's that.. ya

      jamie: hahah urs is not piece of junk jamie!! probably it's bcoz your phone is still working up till now! (which means GOOD)

      uncle: yes rm1 a day is good!!!! i agree... newspaper also more expensive haha..

    9. I saw this in Malaysian Today newspaper and it was love at first sight. I spent 3 hours trying to find a dealer in Mid Valley and so far only 3 shops are selling this handphone. Dr. Mobile & another two shops on 2nd floor.



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