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Christian Dior's Warehouse Sales again! clearance this time

purposely go there to take pic of this

hi i am just back from there by taxi (thurs tenant/staff sales)

Notice a lot of shoppers thought the Dior' flight set is manufactured in 2008. Actually the flight set (white) comes in 2 different manufacturing dates - 2008 and 2007. Don’t grab without looking at the manufactured dates. This time my heart pain to see that it’s at reduced price of rm100 each, 2 for rm180. When I first bought mine it was rm150 each! arghhh.. but it's fast selling as today the tenants of Menara Millenium must be 90% girls? morning reported the waiting Q up to lift. By lunch time it was worst. Well I was there after 3pm and the crowd must have subsided as there was only a handful of shoppers left. Of course the items are also a handful now? ok lah, I don't want to scare u bit from the looks of it, there won't be enough for the large public crowd coming tomorrow. Whatever you do, my advise is go in the morning if u still want Flight set.

Other than that, the pink, lip/gloss palletes are gone. CD brush set is GONE too and the price remains the same as the last warehouse sales.

This is what's left when I was there:

Mascara rm45 / 2 for rm80 (brown only)
Eyeshadow 5 colors 1 rm100 / 2 for rm180
Eyeshadow 2 colors 1 rm20 / 2 for rm35 / 3 for rm40 (manufactured in 2005)
Eyeshadow 1 color rm30 / 2 for rm50
Blusher or compact powder 1 for rm80 / 2 for rm140
Compact foundation 1 rm80 / 2 rm140
Refill 1 rm60 / 2 rm 110
skinflash 1 rm60 /2 rm90
color controls 1 rm40 . 2 rm60
Bronzer 1 rm80 / 2 rm140
lipsticks/gloss 3 for rm100
lipstick trio set rm100 (manufacture 06 or 05 )
lip liner rm35

nail polish price same as last sales

Premium Range essence 1 rm360 / 2 rm500
Prestige whitening essence+fluid spf rm550
revitalizing whitening lotion 1 rm120 / 3 rm350
whitening emulsion rm60
whitening spot treatment spf 50 concealer rm70 / 2 for rm199
dark spot treatment 4 = rm100
anti wrinkle serum 100 / 2 for 150
anti wrinkle eye cream rm80/ 3 for rm180
Anti wrinkle eye cream set rm 80 / 3 for rm200

Friday (public sale)
  • I went there in the morning with my boss & she sapu the lipsticks. She loves lipsticks. Flight set has like table + 2 cartons of it left (each carton 24 pcs). I check the table and it's all manufactured in 2007, the lady was kind enough to open the new boxes for me to get 2008 manufactured dates. The 1st box was all 2007, but thank god the last box was all 2008 :D cool!!!
  • I know it's just a month or so difference, but the newer the longer I could keep it.
  • Sorry girls no brush set left today. I know alot of u want the brush set but it's all sold out yesterday. I left the place at 11am, and the shock the sales people there by turning up after lunch again. NO it's not that i am crazy, it's just that my colleague wanted to buy some lipsticks suddenly! so whole office went to CDSALES!!! hahahahahaha. When I reach there after 2pm, there's only 8 Dior Flight sets left. By the time I leave, 4 left on the table! amazing.
  • My boss already spent rm1k-2k in this sales (including the last sale at Coronade Hotel, KL) mostly it's for christmas shopping. U know christmas is coming!!! 25 days more and the best gifts for the price you pay can get you something so GOOD here! hello.. what can u buy for rm50 nowadays at shopping centre? That's what I loved about warehouse sales, I get to give my friends fabulous gifts for less the price for the same items sold in shopping centre. Hello! what difference does it make? they're all from the same source/place/warehouse/etc! what's different is the price, the season and how long more u can keep it for :)
Warehouse Sales can be your friend or your worst enemy.

It's officially my enemy, sob sob.


  1. miu, how about perfumes? no more??

  2. affy: sorry :( i didn't see any perfumes there.. i think they might be sold out or.. kept for tomorrow? but definitely didn't see them at 3pm-4pm

  3. hi miu, r u going again tmr? can u help me get the white flight set and lip gloss? my email is

  4. can help me to get 3 for RM400 backstage brush set..if still got stock..i can bank in to you or cod at the curve or ttdi

  5. a lot ppl ask me help get brush set.. uh i can't buy so many it's quite expensive. If there's still stock i'll only grab 3, n split it among the girls who ask me help buy.

    Rm400 each one, i no money to pay first already. Joce, yea i am going, lip gloss left blue green n silver only. Dun need buy leh? flight set? i try help buy.

    i just worried my credit card max out.. as I already owed so much LOL...

  6. Miu miu miawww... the flight set? still there for me? please please please.. i juz reply to ur email this morning. hope it still available. will pay u immediately!

  7. wahaha.. if I know you from last yr sure I have moutain of makeup now lol.. so need slowly buy


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