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  • Benefit Warehouse Sales Back Again!


    26 & 27th November, 2008
    time: 9am -6pm
    Venue: Level 13, Starlight Cosmetics Office
    Menara Milenium
    Pusat Bandar Damansara
    (help college/immigration near)

    The Sales is BACK! blog being updated, stay tune for pics and price list!


    I only heard about this sales from a shopaholic babe a.k.a dee yesterday & was suprised that Benefit is having another warehouse sales at their office in Pusat Bandar Damansara (u know where help college, immigration is?). Dee went this morning to check for me & I was on my way there already when she said YEAP sales is on & told me some of the items and it's price.

    HEY if u like the previous sale, u'll luv d'price slash in this one!

    Depending on what products you're aiming for, I'll say the price slash would benefit u this time around. In my opinion, I think they're trying to clear what's left from that October sales hence the cut. HOWEVER, they have smarten up and increase the price for a particular must have in this sale. I will leave u guessing and if u haven't guess it at all, scroll to the end of this post & you'll find out what it is.

    PLEASE make sure u check all your items before paying. I've learned never to trust warehouse sale items. Reason being, I bought a few products from this sale and they're mostly in a bad condition already. Some items are even defective in their packaging e.g playsticks unable to twist back to position. The BAD GAL Lash Mascara in Blue, it's dry. I have Bad Gal in black so I knew the texture isn't the same. Thank God the person-in-charge is so kind! he changed it for me when I brough my product back. Unfortunately I've tested 2 mascaras and still the same problem so the kind person say I could replace with something else. PLEASE NOTE! I don't think they'll do this again to every complaint. SO I DO HOPE U CHECK YOUR ITEMS before buying.

    the sales room!
    small & very crowded during peak time

    yea see how sardin it is

    the paying counter small but fast
    credit card rm100 above only
    the latest perfume by benefit
    called the B-SPOT!

    but i still prefer Maybe Baby
    (this is the 100ml bottle but it's manufactured in 05)

    eyecon! rm60
    (can fade away panda eyes realli?)

    spy time!!!
    (can see some brushes, maybe baby & oh! show offs haha)

    see the pink box?
    it's best of benefit xmas set rm190
    (only at 10am already left that much)

    u can see what's in the xmas set on this table
    foundation, dandelion & pocketpal

    lipsticks & eyeshadows

    california kissin!
    (and the really BAD (dry already) bad gal lash in blue)

    behind the table is the stock table
    looks so nicely organized

    spyin at their face table

    Price & Product List
    Maybe Baby 50ml - rm70 / 100ml - rm100 (last sale price rm80/120)
    B-Spot (new perfume) 50ml rm165

    Bum Deal rm60
    Kitten Goes to Paris rm50

    Boo Boo Zap (pimple zapper) rm30
    Depuffin action eye gel rm55 (last sale rm70)
    U clean up rm35 (last sale rm55)
    Do It Daily rm40
    Lying Eyes rm29
    Boing rm25 (pls check for oil seeds!) (last sale rm30)
    Get Even rm40
    IT Stick rm25
    Some Kind Of Gorgeous Deep rm40 (last sale rm50)
    D finer rm25
    Non Fiction e
    Eye Con rm60

    Playsticks rm40 (pls check if twister is spoil or not)

    Creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner rm30 (last sale rm40)
    Silky powder eyeshadow rm30 (last sale rm40)
    Show Offs Set (eyeshadow trio set) rm50
    Lust Dusters rm63
    Bad Gal Lash in Blue rm50 (pls don't buy it's dry!)

    The Gloss rm25 (last sale rm30)
    Her Glossiness rm30 (last sale rm35)
    Silky finish lipstick rm30 (last sale rm35)
    Lip Plump rm30 (last sale rm40)
    California kissing rm25 (last sale rm35)
    Benetint Lip Balm rm40

    Betty Brush Bag Only rm20
    Betty Brush Set rm80 (increased price from last sale)
    Fluff Brush rm25
    fantail brush rm35
    concealer brush rm25
    hard angle brush rm0
    foundation slant rm35

    Betty Brush Set
    Some Brushes
    Kitten Goes To Paris
    Benefit Best of Christmas Set
    Show Offs

    the first picture i will post is my prized buy
    the SHOW OFFS set rm50

    benefit christmas set rm190

    the best of benefit

    face cleanser rm35

    concealer brush rm25

    omg this is so cute! rm50
    shimmer powder fluff

    boo boo zap?! rm30
    (pimple zapper? tryin out this now)

    Betty Brush Set rm80
    (bought the last 2!!)

    california kissin rm25

    Do It Daily rm40
    (for my baby sister)


    The guessing game: "What went up?"
    Benefit Betty Brush Set

    Spy on Second Day (last day):
    Face Cleanser 2 for rm60
    Lipsticks 3 for rm80!!!
    Mostly body products gone.
    Maybe Baby 100ml gone.
    Boo Boo Zap, EyeCon, Do it Daily gone.
    Lotsa things gone.

    Spy on Third Day (spy their office again):
    Went there to buy BUM DEAL. Walk in on them stocking up the same room with plenty of products that was on sale! (question why? is there another clearance coming up? or is that their show room?)
    "Warehouse Sales can be your friend or your worst enemy"
    - xoxo gossip miu


    1. Miu, could you pls help me grab some Silky Finish lipsticks & Creaseless Cream shadow/liner? I'm currently in Malacca so cannot make it for the sale :(

    2. sorry dearie!!!

      i just got back from there :(
      don't think i am gonig back there again T_T try sns the girls can help?

    3. miu got blusher or not? or only the items u post above?

    4. miu got other than this products or not? like powder pop or 10 pallete.....
      haizh dissapointed the brushes set price

    5. no sorry :( i dun see any blusher.. or maybe if i missed it, u can check the product n price list i wrote down from the sale. It's all written down when I was there this morning.

    6. Hey Miu tks for the heads up on the Benefit Sales ! :)SNS

    7. where is the place? i just found out abt the sale....is the sale worth going?

    8. by tomorrow, sure semua brushes dah abis kan.....by the way, i am anna sui fan too...do u hv any idea if anna sui is having any warehouse sale soon...

    9. Hi Mui,

      Are u at Benefit sales today???
      I went there too. I work at menara milenium. i really adore your blog at warehse sales part. heheh

    10. the place is at pusat bandar damansara, near the immigration, help college... kfc.. starbucks..subway the big gold/brown building? opposite kfc

      brushes all already gone in the morning. only a few left

    11. hi hi thanks!!! ^_^ n i duno ur name also :(

      i was there in the morning... but shy lah to meet ppl >_<

    12. Miu i plan of going tomorrow at 9 , do you think they would have the shimmering powder left ? Do you think there would still be a sufficient amount of items left ?

    13. miu..can help me buy the bursh set? im getting married this weekend at my hometown in JB..sadly all the best warehouse sales are happening this weekend...why o why..im at my hometown now...pls pls pls...-shopaholix-

    14. omg!knew about this sale since last week but didnt know the specific date..too late edy..tsk tsk~

    15. hey miu, the last time around when i went for the sale in hilton i got the cream shdow liners for rm 30 on the last day too.. just thought id let u know.. i think these are the remaining items and more that were not sold because apparently if theyre not sold they have to pack it up n ship it back to wherever it came from ... this is what the sales assistant told me.. hence i guess theyre trying to get rid of everything.. :)

    16. hey miu, will u be going for the CD sales?

    17. yea they're trying to clear what's left from their previous sales, and since the price slash, i would say it's worth going if u want to grab some benefit loot.

      Shimmering powder fluuf no more since yesterday morning. It gone in a hour or so after opening.

      CD sales I drop by n check it out if i finish my work. However today is just for tenants, and tomorrow is for public.

    18. HI MIU,

      I wanted to have the brush set frm CD if they have. Perhaps u can let me knw if u r there. Its quite far for me to go. Im in Tmn Mayang, pj.
      May email me roseliza.t@gmail.com.
      Roughly how much do u guess?

    19. Hai mIU,

      for CD Slaes, Hw mch do u think the brush set if they have?

    20. i spoke to cd sales person yesterday who was incharge of the brush n limited edition palletes. She say all is same price as last sales. I really not sure if what she says would change today?

      i have yet to go there.. i got lotsa work today sob sob.

      Last Week Sale Price
      1 set brush - rm280
      buy 3 - rm400.

    21. wow.. never changed huh...
      i cant afford. sill looking for so many sales coming.
      where do u think i can get besides CD. slightly cheaper....
      i like to c ur benefits thingy. cheeky design and pics too.
      wheer do u dtay and work anyway?
      u sounds like closer to damansara..

    22. yea.. that's what the sales person said to me. But we may never know the price will drop/change on 2nd day or today? :(

      I think CD's quite cheap already unless u wan to buy Benefit's lip range. Usually all around rm25-30 for lipsticks in warehouse sales.

      i work in ttdi lol...

    23. Miu,

      Do you have any playsticks to let go? I can't make it to the sale. thanks

    24. shopaholix: sorry i didn't read ur comment before i went! :( already balik from there..

      karen: sorry i din buy playsticks >_<

      joce: yea i went to cd :D did u?

      annoynomous: anna sui? urm end of year or jan :( they alwiz have it. It's a small section with Branded perfumes being sold. I called it anna sui bcoz.. haha..that's the only way to distinguish this sale from others.

    25. hye...when this event will be held again.....im seriusly interested..
      plzz email me if this event willheld in futute...


    26. gosh i missed the benefit warehse! miu pls email me when u know these cosmetics will be sold for cheaper price!

      appreciate it!

      -cosmeticslover- lol..


    27. Hi there!

      Cool blog! I missed out on both sales! I love Benefit! i subscribe to sns now so hope to be able to go to the next one. any idea when the next one will be?

      my email is charleneraynasebastian@gmail.com

      would really appreciate if you could email me if u have any idea!

      thanks and happy shopping!


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