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Blood Cleaner from Daiso


picked this up from Daiso at RM5

It's annoying that spotting happens when we're on our period. Yes accidents happened right? I tried using the washing powder but it's hard to clean it off, especially when it's an old stain. Early this year, I was looking at this product that Daiso (Curve) is promoting via a translated poster (Daiso has imported Japanese products and it's hard to read some of the description since it's in Japanese). Buaya Wing came and told me it's a really good product that removes blood stains, even if it's a month old. I bought the product and went back home to try. True enough even stains as old as a couple of years can be removed. Stains that's recent or just spotted is even easier to remove, just rub the liquid into the stain and you'll see it disappearing. However you need to wash it asap or it will discolor your cloth (just that area). The good part is it's just RM5 for 80ml bottle and there's no hard feelings in trying this product out to see if it works for you, as it has worked for me. I just finished my bottle and going to get it again. I don't know the name of the product other than it says "detergent for women" on front and it's pink.

Read the caution label before use e.g not to be use on silk they may shrink. Made in Japan.


  1. Ohmygosh!! This would have saved my life when I first started getting my periods >_<

    It's such a shame that the closest Daiso to me is on the other side of my country (Canada) T_T

  2. It's amazing what you can find in Daiso...

    But adding some salt to the soak water before you wash also works, except if you forget or don't bother...

  3. woah. this is real handy.

    i like their fake lashes too, a lot of choices, and the natural ones look real natural!

  4. Lisa: ah! :( maybe there's other alternatives from dollar stores?

  5. synical: yeah true, i haven't tried anymore more than this, buying stationaries, packagings, bento makers and toilet cleaner.. hahahahhaa

    salt+water can remove blood stains?

  6. sjune: serious! i din know anyone using their lashes, now that u did! can i ask how's the feel of the lashes? is it soft/hard? on the lash bone.

  7. i saw this at my local daiso too! did u try their hair fragrance gel? fabulous stuff!

  8. yo, these days i hardly get any blood stains, coz am using Laurier Night pad the one super long until can touch the ass. :P No leak!


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