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Asianel Foot Reflexology Spa, Starhill

the best foot reflexology spa I ever had

Last month, I finally made an appointment with my girlfriends to go Asianel Reflexology Spa at Starhill, Bukit Bintang KL. I would have never have heard of this foot reflexology spa place if it wasn't for Everyday.Com.My Coupons. Every now and then, there's deals where Everyday & other company of service/products would team up to give a great deal to Everyday members so they could try. I really enjoyed the deals because I can try beauty treatments or new food outlets and come back again if they're awesome. Anyway I am seriously a foot freak, not in a way that I go for pedicures and all but I really enjoy having my feet rub now and then. I walk a lot (work, shopping, window shopping, events, workshops, etc) so a foot rub is all I need at the end of the day. 

Asianel Reflexology Spa

at the Pamper Zone, StarHill

I have been to a lot of places for foot reflexology from really affordable ones to seriously drop dead once time only kind. Now Asianel Reflexology Spa is on the high side of the average priced session but thanks to the coupon deal, I got to try Asianel at RM60 only (first trial offer). Asianel is this really pretty place at StarHill's Pamper Zone (where all the beauty treatment boutiques are at). On first look, I was pretty sure I am going to enjoy this! (no regrets buying the coupon rm60!).

the waiting lounge area

the circle of holistic bliss
(where foot reflexology is done)

Before they start, you have the option to change into a "sarung" to be more comfortable. There's a changing room and locker room area behind the reception counter. It's small but it's works. I was then lead up to the "circle" made of wooden platform. No shoes up here at this point. My beautician lead me to my chair, would u believe it's actually a massage chair? (well u have to top up to have massage option). Also the lights would be all off at this point and only tea light candles flickering in the dark for romance.

What I got from this Everyday Coupon & Asianel Deal:

90 Minutes Asianel Signature Treatment RM60 (Normal Price RM177)
    • Aromatherapy Spa foot wash
    • Relaxing Flower Foot Bath
    • Exfoliating Botanic Foot scrub
    • Traditional head massage
    • Hand acupressure massage
    • Foot Reflexology

    just sit & enjoy everything here

    lights off for total serenity

    There's a sink? (bowl?) on the floor, it's filled with warm water and flowers! I soak my feet into the warm water with flowers and essence? this is called the flower foot bath for relaxation. While my feet is soak, my beautician started giving me a head rub and massage (I was in heaven). Then she move on to using a herbal-ish balm/oil to massage my hands. I think it lasted 30mins? After, it was time for my exfoliating botanic foot scrub (which is just a basic scrub, nothing hardcore here), follow by aromatherapy spa foot wash. My feet is all ready to be pampered at this moment, and while still sitting on the same place, my beautician (pressed a button on the chair) and it tilted down! a pillow was put underneath my head to make it comfy. Crap, I sound like I'm getting high now. Still in the same place without having to move, she took a rounded seat and place it on top the sink, doubling it as a foot massage table! I had my foot massage (I asked for soft, palm massage) for 45mins and dozed off.

    tea in a fancy glass after our spa session

    Gosh this the best 90mins of my life (okie maybe not so drama!). I woke up feeling so light, so free, so relaxed. My experience was totally the best ever, I am not sure how the others felt when they redeem their coupon deal. Fatin & Camie enjoyed it very much too! Look at them in the photo! we had our tea and relax at the lounging area. The beauticians didn't push us to buy anything or sign up packages. I feel very free and willing to come again because this place just rocks!!! The price is a bit higher than normal but they have promotions now and then (buying packages would be a deal, but I don't stay near Starhill so I can't come here all the time). I do wish to come back here again! I think I will buy their current promotion (Dec 2010) RM148++ for 90mins of warm essential foot wash, lavender infused milk bath, head, neck and shoulder massage, along with hand & foot massage. Check out their facebook here for the promotion.

    goodbye! I will see u again!

    I love this place and I will come back again! Especially the RM148++ promotion. I will saved up to enjoy this place again. Maybe for my birthday? party too much and need to relax :) Any secret Santa here? I want to come again!!! Thanks Everyday Coupons & Asianel for the trial offer!

    Price & Treatments:

    30mins Foot Reflexology RM78+
    - aromatherapy foot wash + polishing botanic foot scrub + 30min foot reflexology + refreshing flower foot spray.

    30mins Upper Body Acupressure RM78+
    - 30min head, neck & shoulder acupressure + hands reflexology

    60mins Foot Reflexology RM110+
    (optional Head, Neck, Shoulder & Hand Massage)
    - aromatherapy foot wash + polishing botanic foot scrub + refreshing flower foot spray or 30min upper body + 30min foot reflexology

    60mins Headache, Neck & Shoulder Pain RM95+
    - aromatherapy foot wash + moisturizing foot mask + head, neck, shoulder & hands acupressure + foot reflexology

    60mins Stress & Tension RM95+
    - aromatherapy foot wash + lavender milk foot bath + head, neck, shoulder & hands acupressure + foot reflexology

    90mins On Sunny Bali Isle Reflexology Therapy RM135+
    - frangipani foot wash + bali mandi milk & flower foot bath + bali mangir foot scrub + bali boreh cacil bark clay foot mask + 30min head, neck, shoulder & hands acupressure + 15min back massage chair + 45min foot reflexology with pure essential oils

    90mins Signature Treatment Upper Body Massage & Foot Reflexology RM168+
    (enjoy a full 1 hour 30mins session with the therapist)
    - aromatherapy flower foot wash + exfoliating polenta grind & apricot foot scrub + lavender sea salts hot flower foot bath + 45min head, neck, shoulder & hands acupressure + 45min foot reflexology with pure essentials oils 

    (price excludes 5% govt. service tax)

    The Company
    Asianel Reflexology Spa
    Lot S17 Pamper Floor Starhill Gallery
    181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
    55100 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel : 03-2142 1397

    Business Hours:
    10.00 am - 9.00 pm (Last Appointment at 7.45 pm)
    Asianel Star Hill Map


    1. what am i doing in the last photo?? lol!

      i wanna go again! felt like i was walking on clouds after the spa.. *sigh*

    2. hhaha u were taking your bag i think! i wanna go again too.. but so broke now

    3. Thanks for sharing this nice article. Amazing pics... Footbath is very useful for us. I also have to use it daily, I feel comfortable thesedays.

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    4. Just to inform, there's a new deal from Groupsmore. 60 mins Traditional Head Massage + Hand & Foot Reflexology + Flower Foot Bath & Aromatherapy Foot Wash at Starhill Gallery, by Asianel Reflexology Spa. Only RM38 instead of RM128. Both male + female.

      but dunno if u can go again or not. Mayb can call em? :D

    5. thanks Fiona! for the info!!! checking out!

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