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Le Ann Maxima Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection

Le Ann Maxima, Jaya One

I was invited to Le Ann Maxima by Alex Yeoh the creative art executive for Le Ann Maxima along with Fatin Feisal of Chocolate Catz Blog. The first few question I asked when I got there was, is there sizes for me? Alex answered with a smile said "Honey, let me dress u!". Now how cool is that?  This is my first time being dressed by a fashion brand and one that's popular among the celebrities. I was told Daphne Iking was here earlier and she bought dresses! and boy do I see her wearing it here n there.

fall/holiday collections are here!

Now here's the interesting part. I didn't just come to Le Ann Maxima for just any reason. I came here today on the lookout for a new pretty dress to wear to a wedding dinner function which is just a few hours away! YES I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR TO THE WEDDING DINNER! *horrified face* fortunately I came at the right time too coz their Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection is already in the stores!!! with mannequins showing them off! 

their latest collections is on display
along with accessories to glam u up

Now with more weddings and upcoming functions for Christmas and New Year, I just had to get something nice this time to wear. No the little black dress won't work all the time, I need something classy, elegant, long and flow-y like a fair lady. That being said, the Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection was perfect! they had a variety of designs suitable for the year end occasion. Thanks to French Designer Daniel Beltsos latest designs on evening and dinner. There's also pieces that's casual and suitable for office too. The colors are not bright or colorful, being the fall & year end season, I feel the pairing made the collection timeless & elegant. Something I would wear if I was slim like that mannequin.

I love the black & white motifs of this collection

I was particularly drawn to the black and white dress motifs (since I step foot into the boutique and saw the mannequin wearing it). Alex picked out a long beautiful one for me and it was sleeveless! (horrified! plus size girls like me shouldn't be wearing sleeveless! we like to hide our arms for a reason haha). However Alex told me that it would look so beautiful on me, people won't notice my arms! serious? I'll give it a try then Alex! I tried it at the fitting room and it was super long! but I love long! it makes it very fairy tale like. Though at this point, I was rushing off back home to get ready coz the dinner is in 2 hours! no photos at this point but... here's a peek at me wearing it at home!

all set to go for wedding dinner!

wearing the shadow flower dress in XL

Do you love my dress?! I love it to bits! It was worth every ringgit I paid for! priced at RM368, the material is smooth and soft, does not wrinkle off and falls in nice shape when worn. I can't believe how good it looked on me, definitely made me forget my chubby arms! I am so ready for my dinner! P.S I love the layers (collar?) it made me feel pretty.

at the wedding dinner 2 hours later

Seriously, while I was at the dinner, I made it a point to keep walking to the ladies powder room to check my dress out. Yeah *perasaan* I felt so good, so confident and ahem. I do believe I had the best dress that night in the entire room (except the brides! she wins hands down of course). My bf was happy and he loved my dress too. Being a bit chubby on the side, I never felt so good in a sleeveless dress. It was simple yet elegant and trendy. Definitely a keeper for me. Albeit the price being rm368, I believe a great evening dress like this, is worth every bit of that rm368 coz it made my night, a fall holiday fairy tale. 


Sneak Peek at the Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection
(more at their Boutiques!)

year end promotion 19/11/10 - 2/1/11

accessories to compliment your dress

For those wanting to get some elegant long dresses or something to impress everyone year end, check out their Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection at the nearest Le Ann Maxima store! The one I went to is at Jaya One which I find to be bigger than the store at Curve. AND GIRLS! what's better than year end shopping is the YEAR END SALE! Love you Le Ann Maxima, will come back again for more dresses!

don't buy same dress as me okay! (jk jk)

Price Range: From RM100 and below to RM600 and over. Be on the lookout for the sale! the discounts are great. Especially since they're also having a up to 70% off now in their Jaya One store!

Size: XS - XL (no double XL or plus sizes, but depending on cutting, you can find that an L or XL would fit you. However for size 16 above would be hard). I bet those whose slimmer than me, would be having the time of their life trying on the dresses. I can't fit into some cuttings, but am so happy I fit (gnam-gnam) into the lovely shadow flower printed dress.

Store information:

Le Ann Maxima
C-31-G, Block C, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7957 3811

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 12noon-10pm

Facebook: Le Ann Maxima
Website: Le Ann Maxima
Blog site: Le Ann Maxima


  1. thank u Nicole! it's so gorgeous... hor.. I would look even more gorgeous after losing a few kg more! muahaha!!!!

  2. thanks for the info dear, i have been looking for s store like this for ages!

  3. u looked lovely dear... :)


  4. I particularly like the collar.. showing a lil but not too much, sort of like a teaser :)
    Overall a gorgeous outfit!

  5. Quiyah: oh! u gotta go quick, coz last week i dropby on sunday, n there's this dam great dress in size M n L! but argh I can't fit it in! 1/2 PRICE!!! the horror!!!!! i almost bought it just to keep in cupboard incase i lose 20kg...

  6. Foxy: yeah the collar is nice! makes my urm.. boobs look big (duncha think haha). What kinda collar is this called? realize my dictionary for clothes is.. hahaha limited!

  7. you look so stunning!!!! love the make up...the hair... of coz the dress.... perfect.. :)

  8. wow u look fab. u should change the name of your blog to sexy kitten *purrr*

    Have a wonderful year end

  9. Lovely dress + makeup!!
    you couple look gorgeous~~

  10. Gorgeous Tammy! Like your outlook for the day :)

  11. waaa so nicee beautiful dress match u, where the black ribbon band around the waist are also make u slimmer.

  12. Uhmm i think its called Cowl Neck?
    My fashion vocab oso half tong nia hehehe.
    Yap, look sangat berisi :P

  13. luvley dress n very chic new hairstyle..tempted to chop my hair now huhu


  14. Hi there, really like the the dress on you! There's a Le Ann Maxima branch here in Miri Sarawak too, and i love their stuff. By the way ur makeup looks great too, did u have it done yourself?

  15. Yes, it's cowl neck....Tammy you look smashing....

  16. And RM300+ for a long dress like that is still ok. :) I went to their sale....couldn't find anything my size anymore....then again I only went to the outlet in the Curve....maybe I should try Jaya One huh....I do love their stuff.....but always tend to be a little expensive. ;P

  17. pretty pretty...keep this look everyday. Well i need to start shooping for Chinese New Year lor

  18. Their Christmas/ CNY collection with full of red is fantastic in Jaya one !!

    that day i bought one red dress for CNy...fits me well !

    you look stunning dear !

  19. wow! you look gorgeous tammy ^_^


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