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Strawberry Wax at Strip:Ministry of Waxing Lot10

Strip's latest store at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang

Brazilian Wax, we talk about it, we wonder about it and then we shy away from it. With me not getting any younger, one of my to do list before hitting 30 years old is to get a Brazilian Wax. That being said, the shy factor is slowly moving away and I find myself even more daring to go get one and why not since the people at Strip:Ministry Of Waxing makes it so much fun for first timers a.k.a the Virgins! (Brazilian Wax Virgins). How fun? check out the photos below, I'll let them do the talking :) *grin*

the reception area

the wax rooms

Recently I took my reader Kenby with me to Strip Lot 10 to try their Strawberry Wax (new)! Kenby's a playful happy go-lucky girl who loves strawberries, so when I thought of strawberry wax I thought of her! She rejected me the first time saying she's shy and that she has never done it before. I manage to convinced her after telling her it's "strawberry wax" and that Brazilian Wax could be fun and not that all scary.

latest strawberry wax :)

First a bit about the strawberry wax (Strip has chocolate wax too). It's a specially formulated gentle pink strawberry wax with soothing aromatherapy ingredients of German Chamomile & Aloe Vera and Titanium Dioxide which makes the wax super soft and gentle.  Strip says the Strawberry Wax is the ideal blend for Brazilian wax virgins and even for most sensitive skins. To celebrate the launch of STRIP Lot 10, all STRIP Brazilian wax virgins will be able to experience the new Strawberry Wax package at a special promo price of RM88 only (U.P. RM152.50) which includes:

peace ampoule - to sooth & calm

• a full consultation with our Waxperts prior to the treatment
• 7 drops of bach flower essence – nature’s secret healing remedy that induces a calming sensation
• a peace ampoule - a healing serum that soothes and calms
• miniature size of the X’ed Out Cream - an alcohol-free cream that prevents ingrown hair
• miniature size of the Ice cream - cools and hydrates the skin simultaneously
• aftercare card with STRIP hotline details

I tried the strawberry wax on my hand and wow it's kinda warm and soft to the feel. The first pull was not painful at all (it was quick!) and I could see my hairs gone hehe. The strawberry wax didn't smell strong like strawberries but the pink color wax is so cute (gee girls). My skin didn't reddened from it, but that's just my skin. Do a patch test before you go for the full run!

squeezy toys a cute sight here

Strip even offers a squeezy stuffed animal pal to accompany the virgin babies during their treatment for that extra comfort! This special offer of RM88 for the Strawberry Wax Package can only be redeemed once per customer. Offer is valid from 9 November 2010 until 28 February 2011.

Strip launches it's 4th outlet at Lot 10

Skipping by the Brazilian procedures and things to know before and after (which will be in another post at a later time) I shall talked about my experience from a third party's view while observing my "guinea pig" Kenby and Strip Lot 10. When we first arrive, we were greeted cheerfully by Paulin. She showed us the many things Strip has to offer - squeezy toys, post care products, their strict hygiene rules where they don't double dip (meaning don't reuse the same spatula in the wax pot!) the waxing rooms and services.

squeezy toy & cute blimp shaped guidebook!

the Virgin Forrest Guidebook is super cool!

After that Paulin whipped out a cute cartoon like kiddie book at us! My eyes were starring intensely at the book because it's so cute. It turns out for those virgins getting their special Strawberry Brazilian Wax RM88 done, they will be giving a first hand deforestation guide. I'm now sitting like a baby and listening in amazement. There's so much thought put into all this to make the first timer's experience a memorable one. Quite impressive. The book is actually called The Virgin Forest Guidebook has easy to follow steps and pictures to understand. Take for instance the Brazilian step-by-step page (pic above) where they show you your "forest" and the steps for waxing (step 1 to 4 and repeat for other side). 

Kenby after he first Brazilian Wax experience

While holding her squeezy toy given to her to relax, Kenby went to her waxing rooms which was ocean blue with cloud letters that spelled out Breathe (gentle reminder to relax). She was given the 7 drops of bach flower essence – nature’s secret healing remedy that induces a calming sensation (under her tongue) and the process begins (privacy needed so I'm not allowed to watch!). When Kenby came out (it was really fast! like 15mins?) she was smiling away and said "NO PAIN!" seriously no pain? "well there's only a slight prickly pain on the lower regions but it's not painful!". Darn I said, I should have gone for the wax instead! (cries). Take note everyone's pain threshold is different! Kenby is probably superwoman.

choice of post care products to buy

As part of the special Strawberry Brazilian Wax RM88 promotion, Kenby was given miniature post care products to take home to use. The miniature size of the X’ed Out Cream - an alcohol-free cream that prevents ingrown hair & miniature size of the Ice cream - cools and hydrates the skin simultaneously. The names of the creams is delicious! (warning not for eating). Seriously, they have everything prepared for the virgins, very professional. I so want to get the strawberry wax before the promotion ends in February, 2011. After 3 weeks, I asked Kenby how is it? She said the hairs are soft and not spiky like being shaved off and it didn't disturb her. In fact she's going to go again after a month and this time I will follow her!

the miniature post care products to bring back

Thank you Strip for allowing me to visit your latest outlet and for giving my reader Kenby the opportunity to try your Strawberry Brazilian Wax. I have learned so much from this fun visit. I hope my readers will enjoy the photos I put up here for their viewing pleasure, a glimpse of what's it like in Strip Lot 10 and if they ever consider to finally getting a Brazilian Wax, this is one of the many places to go!

Dedicated to providing superior waxing services, STRIP adheres to its strict HSQ mantra (Hygiene, Speed & Quality). Hygiene equates to our No Double Dipping policy whereby a new spatula is used for each application and is never replunged back into the communal wax pot. There is also the STRIP Personal Hygiene Pack, an individually sealed pack that contains all the tools needed for Brazilian and Boyzilian treatments, available to all customers at no extra cost. All STRIP’s Waxperts have to undergo 4 – 8 weeks of rigorous training at the STRIP training school in Singapore.

To date, STRIP has pruned over 2 million bushes internationally. Established in Singapore with a prominent brand presence, STRIP has 29 outlets in 9 cities worldwide – Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila.

STRIP pioneered the concept waxing store and has grown rapidly since it was launched in Singapore in 2002. STRIP’s 1st international outlet opened in Bangsar in 2006. High demand led to a 2nd outlet at The Curve in 2008, followed by the 3rd outlet at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in 2009.

Visit for more details.

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STRIP Lot 10
P3 & P4, Fourth Floor,
Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur,
T: 2143 6092


  1. If it wasn't just for first timers and in Lot 10, I'd give this a go :P

  2. For first timer on brazilian in Strips only rite? I wax my legs there before, does tat count?
    For that kinda price, i would love to try!!!

  3. synical: not just for first timers :) if u haven't try their strawberry wax b4

  4. Doroshi: it's for those who wanan try the strawberry wax at rm88 :D so u can redeem this price 1 time only

  5. Hi Miu, thanks for clearing that up :)

    I'd make an appointment right away, except I'd just been waxed and the regrowth takes a while :P

    But duly noted.

  6. wow didn't know u do b.wax too, which places do u normally go for?

  7. I don't make it a point to broadcast that unless it's blog posts like these, but I only go every 6-8 weeks. But it's worth mentioning that the hair does get finer with regular waxing.

    I'm a bit promiscuous when it comes to waxing salons - I go when they have promotions/discounts as waxing the hoo-ha is not exactly cheap. I wouldn't be so self-conscious about the waxer seeing the hoo-ha; they've seen a lot of those in their job, they're numb already, LOL.

    So far I've been to Strip, Apronbay, Somerset, Amante, Honeypot (they also got strawberry pink wax)... I say my "regular" would be Strip at The Curve (ask for Joyce).

  8. Thanks tammy! I will go try, and see if there is really sthg special. But I do hope that hav discounts like Glitters did for each visit esp for brazilian wax, I might be their loyal customer! :)

  9. wow this is a very informative for newbies in this area...
    thanks gal...:)

  10. Xnedra: thank you ^_^ newbie or olbie also can go for strawberry wax! I'm preparing myself to go, we gotta avoid the week before and after our period (most sensitive period) if not pain threshold increase!


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