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Shu Uemura Aya Takano Haul


I really adore this cutesy palette 

reindeer kiss xxxx palette rm198

 the magical pen in pink rm70
the magical cherry blush tint rm90
magical windfalls lash rm70
(the blush tint is my fave)

got notebooks & pouch as gwp!

Being just a few years in love with Shu Uemura's products, namely the cleansing oil and eyelashes, I grew to be very fond of brand and the collections they have. When I was a kid, Japanese anime & manga was what I could think about (shameless). Then came along their cleansing oil collection of Tokyo Kamon girls (that got me wild), and the Tsumori Chisato X'mas collection (cat with stars/plant collection which I collected everything except for the traincase which was hard to get). This year Shu Uemura collaborated with Aya Takano, creating a line of pink, cute and manga girls with stickers on their bodies. Tell me not to go crazy? Its a bit erotic too (half naked girls kissing reindeers?) but this year Christmas I only could get a few items to keep. Love the magical cherry blush tint though! the packaging is super cute, but the product is like Pink Lady's twin sister. Pink Lady is a gel tint too which u can find from Sa Sa or from Supermodel's Secret Blog. This is a fairly cheaper option than Magical Cherry Blush.


  1. My oh my!!! Your collection is awesome la!

  2. nicole: only got 4 stuffs :( i can't afford buy all... but bcoz like the pouch a lot, i bought just enough to get it.

  3. I think Rm350 get the note book +3pc gift, to up to rm500 get the pouch. I bought other stuffs than xmas collection, the spring palette from klcc is really a good deal, buy any xmas palette n can buy the previous palette collection for 1/2 price! :D


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