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Tidy & Neat Xmas Edition Bag Organizer in Fuchsia Nite!


the latest edition to the colorful family!
get 'em for xmas? click to enlarge poster :)

I just got my hands on the lovely Fuchsia Nite bag organizers from Tidy&Neat Facebook! it looks different from the one I had earlier. The metal hook is bigger and it's a new design too which is wider than I thought! kinda like a preggers tidy&neat bag organizer for those with lotsa junk put in? see how many cans of Coca-Cola I manage to squeeze inside! hahahahaha! yee haaa!!!!


bigger hook to catch fish

you can carry 6 packs in this bag organizer! haha

Mine is a MM Size for RM45.00 and it has 12 compartments now compared to the old design, double stitching so it's stronger and best of all washable. The quality is great but I still like the old design's canvas type material, call me old fashion! but this preggers bag organizer rocks coz I can carry more things inside now. Yeap Coca Cola cans? Check their facebook out to find out what's Tidy&Neat and what's bag organizers? I did a review for them before here (click click).

Christmas Colours and the sizes with price
another color Violette Nite!

Anyway I bought the Fuchsia Nite for a dear reader turn friend of mine. It's on her wish list (just create a note in your facebook for your pals to read!) Hope she likes it! A newer, better and stronger pink so her Christmas will be powerful!


  1. this is nice 1! Totally different material and size! I was long waiting for this new arrival!!!

  2. Oh u also waiting this?! walao... eh.. i manage get one only for a friend, we're exchanging present.

  3. so cute.. Love the contrasting colours ^^

  4. hello dear ladies,

    do visit my facebook - Lovely Little Closet - for more bag organizer series.

    We welcome you.



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