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Bake,Rattle And Shake with Garnier!


Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

my mom is still a pretty young thing

On Mother's Day, Garnier surprised my mother with a bouquet of roses! Boy was my mom in for a shock. She just came back from church when the flowers arrived and had to pose for a photo. A surprise invitation was also enclosed, thanks to Garnier Malaysia who organized a Mother's Day Baking Session for us to go crazy with for a few hours on 15th May, 2011 at The Cooking House, Desa Sri Hartamas.

many thanks to Garnier for organizing this!

The highlight of the Mother's Day Baking Session with Garnier at The Cooking House was that we would learn how to bake two easy tarts (different styles) using the one major ingredient that Garnier's latest product the Garnier Body Nutri Repair Intensive Repairing Milk Lotion has in common - which is the Mango! (active ingredients of Mango Extract, which is a natural emollient rich in essential nutrients that deeply softens and smoothens skin; and L-Bifidus, a probiotic just like yogurt works on skin to prevent hypersensitivity and dryness).

the bloggers and moms paying extra attention to Chef Ryan

main ingredient for our tarts is Mango!
(found in Garnier's Body Nutri Repair)

our missions is to bake two different types of Mango tarts!
(Stellar posing with Tart no.1)

I wouldn't go too deep into what we bake or the process because the baking workshop 4 hours long! It was difficult trying to juggle baking and snapping photos at the same time let's imagine a whole load of fun, energetic chats, laughter, screams and trouble happened! it was crazeeeeeee! We are bloggers not bakers! so yeah there was a few ops and yays that happened in the 4 hours of trying to remember back what Chef Ryan taught us. All I remembered was Mango Tarts in two different kinds, the sound of eggs being whipped and my mom telling me not to worry, leave it all to her! (phew~ at least someone knows how to bake here right?) Looks like I still need my mother after being all grown up!

blogger pal Alie made a friend that day!

Stellar's shocked face after tasting her biscuit
my mom's artistic hands made beautiful biscuit

my mom admiring her masterpiece

we manage to finish tart no.2 only!
(but decided to sell them coz they're so pretty)


group photo - Garnie, bloggers & blogger's moms
(look at my mom's cool pose?)

My mom receives more pressies from Garnier!

Thank you Garnier Malaysia for organizing such a fun filled day for us bloggers and mothers to get together! seldom we bloggers get to go to events where our mom's can also participate let alone be pampered with gifts and flowers while enjoying a laughter or two with her daughter (and other mother's alike). My mom particularly enjoyed having her hand massage by me using the Garnier Nutri Body Repair! She comments that the scent is not too strong and the lotion absorbs fast into her hands, leaving them soft and nice. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU TOO GARNIE MALAYSIA!


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