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Cleo Malaysia's Next Top Blogger Finalist
(behind the scenes)

 I still can't get over this video, when I am done and lost about blogging I dig up this video again to watch. It reminds me why I became a blogger and why I should not stop blogging. Things has slowed down for me this year due to work (yeap I left my company of 6 years to go work as an Editor for a group buying site! unbelievable). I don't know if I regretted my decision, but I definitely regretted not being able to blog as often. Watching this video again, I hope my passion comes back to me.

That being said, good news everyone! I'm through to the final round of Cleo Malaysia's Next Top Blogger competition. It's going to be a tougher ride now *prays to God*. Wish me luck!


  1. Tammy
    U look great in that makeover and your hair is so nice

  2. Hey Tammy, may I know how did you get the video? I tried searching for it but I can't find it =((

  3. u look lovely !!! good luck to you !

  4. hey tammy!!!!!Emily here....if u still remember me...hahaha....

    btw, just wanna say congrats on reaching the finals!!!!and i hope u win this competition!!!!all the best!!!!=)

  5. Emily: YEAH of coz remember lah!!! u won stila from me somore.. haha. thanks thanks!! i'm through to the final round!! need ur help vote yeah when i put up my last post!!!

  6. Sexymummy: thank u kaima.. u still readin my blog!!! sob sob

  7. lavender: yeah i like the look in here! very nice.. neat n professional looking

  8. estherlai: i got it from askcleo website :D

  9. Hey, sorry but can you give me the link to the vid? Thanks!

  10. Esther: sure sure, let me fb pm u?


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