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Chatime's in Gardens Mid Valley Hoorah!!!


tea time memoirs

Ever since I started working at Gardens, Midvalley, my tea time in the office has been a bored. The usual Boh Tea, Milo or Nescafe don't work for me anymore. To make things worst, I don't drink coffee, Milo or any type of hot beverages for that matter because it makes me go to the loo like a lactose intolerant person. Hell my tea time boring days are over now because there's CHATIME in The Gardens, MidValley now! (the latest branch to open, making it the sixth flagship store in Malaysia).

the Chatime cake is made by Delectable Su!

However getting my daily fix from Chatime proves to be a tough one! Everyday during lunch, when I walk pass Gardens Mid Valley Lower Ground Floor, I see an army of line at Chatime. This is how popular Chatime is around here. I see office ladies, students and men lining up patiently to get their bubble tea. What's the difference anyway between Chatime and other bubble tea shops that has been around for some time? If you notice, the price of bubble tea is going up and the flavor of bubble teas made by some stores are too powdery, overly sugary or just plain watery. I been to one bubble tea shop in Fahrenheit 88 and they charge almost RM10 for a bubble tea with pearls! *outrageous*. Chatime on the other side offers a flavorful blend with shiny and springy pearls at an affordable price of say under RM5! This kind of price in Gardens Mid Valley ain't easy to come by!

Jeff Chin, Jym Chong, Amy Wong, Bryan Loo, Aric Ho & Gan Mei Yan

Henry Wang_Explaining on the Goodness of Mousse Tea

Mr. Bryan Loo (CEO of Chatime Malaysia) insists on using the finest and freshest ingredients to produce their beverages. To achieve this, they worked with a team of tea masters, brewers and professional testers to ensure the quality of the their products. The most natural, healthiest and serving the best drinks from their outlets is their no.1 mission (no second best!).

Mousse Bubble Tea (Misai Bubble Tea)

The next bubble tea I'm going to try is the "Misai" Bubble Tea! (Mousse Tea Series).  Misai means mustache! anyone who drinks this mousse tea series which debuts under Chatime's Spring 2011 tea series will have a foamy mustache!!! cute right? I didn't try it yet because I thought it was coffee based but after reading the description on Mousse Tea and the flavors available, I'm going to create misai soon during tea time.

A refreshed bubble tea sensation by adding a melodious touch of smooth vanilla mousse. Available in six distinctive flavors:
  • Black Tea Mousse - Rich, earthy and sweet malty taste
  • Tie Guanyin Mousse - Fragrantly brewed with flowery taste
  • Matcha Mousse - Famous Japanese Tea base gives the drink a tint of grassy flavor. Full of vitamins.
  • Jasmine Green Tea Mousse - Refreshingly sweet with a twist of flowery scent
  • Ichiban Roasted Tea Mousse - Earthy, warm soothing taste of tea roasted over charcoal
  • Chocolate Mousse - The Gospel of Chocolate Lovers
CHATIME, is a world renowned bubble tea franchise and also one of the fastest growing beverage brands setting it's mark in Malaysia. Hailed from Taiwan, now Malaysians can sip bubble tea and experience Taiwan's culture over a good ol' chat. Started in 2003, Chatime has over 450 stores worldwide now! (6 in Malaysia). Chatime also offers more than 120 beverage products comprising of tea, coffee and fruit pumps. For further information, please visit http://www.facebook.com/chatimemalaysia.


  1. I love their drinks! All the other milk tea places are dead to me since I've tried chatime couple months ago =)

  2. I never drinked this
    I must try it ...

  3. i heard they closed down ~ ? is it true ?

  4. Misai sux la. Try gong Cha signature milk tea.. It's the same but 10x better... Make it 100x better


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