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Marie France Bodyline Day 17 - It's Cold Cold Cold!!!


Brrrr!!! omg cold wrap is really COLD! I never thought what my friends told me before was... going to be so true. I mean I heard about cold wrap slimming treatments and I thought it was just cold, until... UNTIL I TRIED IT MYSELF!!! IT'S FREEEZZZZINNG COLD!!! GOSH... I was literally jogging in the treatment room trying to keep myself warm! I also thought how cool it would be if I can buy this and use at home to replace my air-cond. 

It was Day 17th and Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley just had their open house a day before my treatment. This post came a bit late coz during open house day, there will be no slimming appointments! BUT... Marie France Bodyline customers can come visit and eat beehon and cakes!!! there's even curry chicken, it was so tasty but I had to keep to my diet! T____T I am trying to lose some weight here. I did eat a bit but curry chicken would definitely ruined my diet! Besides food, Marie France Bodyline also gives out pampering sessions like foot reflexology! hand massage etc. It was just so sad that I didn't have time to enjoy all this during a working day =(

 brrrr!!! cold wrap is sure fire way to get your fats burning!

Anyway move on to my treatment today, I was to do a FELTT (no idea what it means) but the therapist told me it's slimming tummy massage with hot blanket, tummy slimming masque and cold wrap (1 hour 30mins). Nothing special here today except that the cold wrap is one interesting session!!!  I used my iPhone 4 camera to snap pics of myself being wrapped like a Mummy! I think I kinda look like a cute fat mummy. Freeeezzziiinnggg cold!!! My fats will be burning away to keep me warm! 

P.S: My friend told me she does cold wraps at Marie France and it helped her to slim down!


  1. Yea.. really look like mummy with those wrap on.
    Super cold one!!

  2. yeah so cute kena wrapped like this.. so i snap photo! hahaha!!!!

    super cold.. I was thinking of how good this would be during black out time in my condo


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