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Give Your Proton A Makeover! My Proton Makeover Contest


a love story about cars

I still remembered my dad's first car. It was big, red and had the name Proton on it. That was my dad's first car, after many years with his old faithful motorbike which my bro and I dreaded. The red Proton was spacious and safer to ride in and dad brought us everywhere with it. Melaka, Seremban, Port Dickson or Morib, you name it, we been there. I was just a young girl and my age gap with Proton wasn't that far apart too despite Proton born on 1983. Now the red Proton is not here anymore, my dad has given her up due to her old age for a newer and better Proton. If only dad knew about this Proton Makeover contest, I think we can bring the curtains down with thunderous tears of love just like Fadly here.

Fadly and family with his PROTON car

That lucky guy and his old faithful were chosen for a Proton Makeover!. His Proton love story moved many. Just like my dad, Fadly got himself a Proton too and went on to create memories with it. From introducing his darling car to his hometown in Kuala Kangsar, being a part of the family, and rescuing it from the compound, Fadly and his Proton was inseparable. Guess what's even cooler? when Fadly proposed to his then girlfriend, his Proton was beside him too. Now Fadly lives happily with his girlfriend turned wife with two kids (and his soon to be transformed Proton). Call it plastic surgery for cars and with new organs transplanted.

Fadly reacting after handing his keys to the R3 unit of
PROTON Motorsports Division Head of Engineering, Tengku Djan Ley.

If you have a Proton and it's been needing a makeover transformation, then you or me might be one of the lucky 5 to win "My PROTON Makeover!" yes a complete makeover for the whole car. Inside out, right to left, top to bottom, your old Proton into a new one by submitting your Proton funny or hearwarming stories to www.protonvip.com. The contest ends 28th December, 2011. 5 winners (besides Fadly) to be rewarded.

For more details about the My PROTON Makeover, visit www.protonVIP.com.

 Fadly don't be sad, your Proton will be back!
going to be transform!
inside out, I can't wait.

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