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Bag Organizer + Canvas Bag RM70 Only! FREE SHIPPING

RM70 for two super cute bags

They say money can't buy you happiness but I say money can buy you all the things you want! For RM70 these adorable cute bags from Chic & Sleek makes a perfect pair of happiness for any girl! Best of all? the bag organizer is really durable and comes in a variety of colors! They're here to help you organize your messy knick knacks in your bag. Phone, car keys, house keys, purse, make up? just organized them in the tiny bag and pull them out of your bags without needing to worry much! The canvas bags on the other hand are eco-friendly recycling bags designed by a girl who knows how to pull your heart string through her designs! Just take a look at these below:

Chic & Sleek by Leen
(a girl who loves bags and now creates her own!)

Chic & Sleek Eco Tote Bags
bon appetite for high tea?
Merry Go Round anyone?
let's go Genting with Night Circus!
for the romantic, a trip to Paris Rendezvous

Pink Junk Love for the cutie pies
talk a stroll around the park in your Summer Garden
a date won't be complete without the Lovers
Egyptian Pony or Town House RM58
(smaller & for files/laptop)

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