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The Blue Lagoon In Port Dickson

the blue lagoon Port Dickson

During my last Port Dickson trip in February (was a really romantic one where my boyfriend took me to a 3D2N Valentine's Package at Avillion Port Dickson) I was desperately seeking the legendary beach that was rumored to be a special "bottle" up beach where the waters were clear and clean. I visited most of the beaches in PD and all were but disappointing, especially the beach in Avillion Port Dickson itself. However I manage to google map my way to the legendary beach called The Blue Lagoon (Pantai Tangjung Biru) which was situated at the far end of Avillion Port Dickson. It's 15km from PD town. You'll pass by the Legends Water Chalet and lots of motels/hotels. 

there is a clean beach in Port Dickson!
(evidence see clear water, there's fishes too)

a popular hangout area in Port Dickson
(people come here to BBQ as well)

The view here is breathtaking, surrounded by greenery and the blue open sea. Water sports activities, picnics, families gathering around for a swim makes this place lively. There's private washrooms & toilet available nearby. I see small food stalls around as well. Accommodation is easy to find here but not as beautiful/equipped compared to Avillion Port Dickson. The Monkey Bay is 500m away, I read that you can still see beautiful corals under the clear water and it is also the only place to see corals in Port Dickson nowadays.

Batu 10, Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson.

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  1. If the one in above pic is ur boyfriend its means ur trip and holiday was horrible

  2. Thanks for the snaps....I'm going to be there this weekend and hope it will not be disappointing....been to PD a couple of times and has not been able to get to a nice beach, except the one at the Felda Hotel but they are renovating and the beach is not available for now :(

    Looking forward to the sun and the beach.......and hope the haze clear out soon :)


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