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Laneige SPring Collection: Fresh Modernist Looks


are you my spring? fresh and modern

This post came a bit too late but nevertheless I am going to blog about it. Thanks to Kalai and Laneige for giving me the opportunity to review the Laneige 2011 Spring Collection - Fresh Modernist Shadow, but ever since I started, I haven’t had the time to even blog or review all those projects I have. Thousand and one apologies to everyone and my readers, I’ve learn a great deal of life and friendship lesson throughout my journey this year and right now it feels like spring. The sunny sun, the blue skies, the colorful flowers blooming and radiating energy and life yes happiness in spring and let me embrace thee!

the Laneige 2011 collection

There’s no law saying we have to stick to a certain seasonal colors in Malaysia. After all, we are sunny all year long. Let me introduce you to the Laneige Spring 2011 eye shadow palette "Modernist Shadow"! A palette consisting of four rich and versatile colors that allows you to create different make up looks to suit the day. Be it from casual simplicity to sophisticated chic, the colors blend well together and complement each other.

Modernist Shadow Swatches (in two strokes)
  • Easy to use and blend, the colors go on smoothly.
  • Soft, shimmery and silky pigments creates intensity with each application.
  • Soft effects can be created with this palette
  • Brightens up your look 
Tip: use own professional shadow brush for more control and better application. Check out the looks you can achieve with the collection below:

for the romantic

sensual glam

sophisticated chic

getting the sensual look in a matter of minutes

using green to create a sophisticated look

uplift with Snow Crystal Lipstick
(Modernist Pink RM65)

Don't forget to complete your look with the Laniege Fresh Modernist "Snow Crystal" lipstick in Modernist Pink that’s creamy to your lips. The smooth texture and buttery scent makes you lick your lips I tell you! Though not long lasting, it gives a natural plump pinky shine that will not take the attraction away from your eyes.

In conclusion, the limited edition Laneige Spring 2011 Fresh Modernist Collection is a collection of bright cheerful pastel colors. The Modernist Shadow in particular is a palette of pearly soft shimmery shades. When the right colors are used, one can achieve a romantic (pink hues) or sensual chic look (orange / green exotic sunsets). The collection comes with eye liner and mascara, lipsticks, gloss, blusher and the shadow palette.

*Credits to Aida (make up artist) and Anfaal (model) for demonstrating the use of Laneige Spring 2011 make up palette. Credits to Vincent (photographer) for the makeover photos.


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