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Bali Day 2: Monkey Forest, Ubud Arts, Mango Tree Spa (Loccitane) & Naughty Nuri's


agenda for day 2

Continuing from Ubud Palace and lunch at Warung Nuri (best pork ribs I've ever eaten) we dropped by the Tourist Information Centre to surf the Internet (for a map to Mango Tree Spa). It's really far from the Ubud Palace but we decided to risk it! Probably an hour's walk or less. The Pura Desa and Museum Puri Lukisan is a few blocks from Ubud Palace. Pura Desa was locked, we couldn't see anything. It's a holy temple so it's probably open on holy days for prayers and ceremonies. We bought tickets to Museum Puri Lukisan. My bf really wanted to go see the paintings and arts (I just wanted to go Mango Tree Spa asap, but nvm). 

 Pura Desa the main temple in Ubud

 walking to Museum Puri Lukisan

 cool looking Starbucks in Ubud

 Museum Puri Lukisan RP40K entrance fee

no photography allowed inside

Well the museum is boring, honestly don't go there. There's not much paintings and okay I admit it I don't like paintings. Maybe you guys can spend hours staring at one, I can't (face palm). What I was waiting for was this place - Mango Tree Spa. Took a taxi van there because it's just too far away. Unfortunately it was fully booked, was really disappointed.  They only got 6 treatment rooms and also serving the Kupu Kupu Barong luxury hotel guests. Next time I shall stay there.

omg loccitane spa!!!

product prices about the same

having treatment overlooking padi field? wow

We took a taxi van back to Monkey Forest, the famous forest tourist area full of monkeys. Seriously a lot of monkeys, it scared me a bit. I read online, the monkeys are kinda aggressive and you have to be careful there otherwise they'll attack you. Sure enough when I arrive, it looks like monkeys gangster paradise. See the photo below!

gangsta monkey land

I'll continue with a post totally on Monkey Forest the next round! there's quite a number of cool pics captured there and a video of a monkey trying to eat my bf's banana (wait what r u thinking?).

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  1. the starbucks coffee looks way too different from ours! :D

    Latest: Crazy Japanese Promo: ONLY RM16!

  2. I spent quite some time in that starbucks cox har to find wifi in other local cafe. I don't dare to walk near the monkey forest, so scare they come kacau me! I miss Bali so muchie~~~

  3. Wow that Starbucks Cafe looks way more cooler than here and that L'occitane spa looks so nice :D


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