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Precious Thots Sale Last Day!

tomorrow last day 15/7 at One Utama

the brands on discount

stuff toys a lot

rm18 jewelry mannequin stand (medium / large)

price range from rm20 more or less

Tomorrow is the last day for Precious Thots Sale at Bargain Corner, Rain Forest (opposite Good Evening Bangkok Level 1) New Wing. I was there last week to have a look see at Precious Moments and Forever Friends products (not much left now). They have more on stationary for this two brands, Precious Moments baby clothes 70% off, Albums, chopsticks, jewelry boxes, pillows, coasters and very limited figurines (but it's the anniversary and member's set) at a low discount. For Forever Friends there's no stuffs toys, just notepads, photo albums. Other unique products can be spotted like really cheap set of clay made toiletries (for hand wash), pillows for rm15 (without the pillow case), pillow cases rm10 for 2 pcs, Debbi toys at 50% off. What caught my eye was the Precious Moments baby clothes it's ranging from rm20 onwards.


  1. I love that jewelry mannequin stand,so cute :3

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