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  • Kerastase Elixir K Ultime Review


    lady gaga? no it's just me on a bad hair day

    I have been applying hair oils before I blow dry my hair, it helps to smoothen the frizz and untangle hair. I don't want to lose anymore hair during brushing =_= so this is a precaution. The best thing about what hair oils do is gives added sleek and shiny finish look. The latest hair oil I've on my drawer top now is from Kerastase called the KÉRASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME. This hair oil elixir works as a multi-function hair beautifying treatment to nourish, condition, restore strength, smoothen and add shine to your hair.

    four precious nourishing oils for your hair

    ELIXIR ULTIME is a versatile beautifying oil with the enchanting Oléo-Complexe Technology of four precious oils -  Argan Oil, Maize Oil, Pracaxi Oil and Camellia Oil. Results? hair is nourished, protected and enhances, leaving it feeling light, soft and supple with incredible shine. Work 1 - 2 pumps throughout the lengths of the hair before shampooing or as a leave-in-treatment on clean, towel-dried hair.

    It can be use in many different ways to experience amazing results. Think olive oil? which can be use moisturized, remove make up, or used for cooking (but in this case, please don't use Elixir Ultime to do cooking).  For me, I use it as a pre blow dry step so that it conditions and protects my hair from the harsh blow drying heat. I apply it to mid length to the ends of my hair since it's the driest part of my hair that needs nourishment. It also helps to prevent split ends winks*.

    • It can be used as a pre-cleansing or pre-shampoo product to prepare the hair and help to remove impurities while adding deep nourishment.
    • Use it as an intensive leave-in conditioner to towel dry hair when it needs the extra nourishment.
    • Before blow-drying, apply to lengths and ends and the serum’s affinity with the hair fibre provides an instant transformation.
    • Use it as a finishing product to perfect your look as well as to control flyaway hair and frizz.
    • Retouch throughout the day for added control and nourishment – the perfect product for demanding hair.

    you need to watch this video! omg it's so.. sensual

    Kérastase Unveils a Luxurious Limited-Edition for its Iconic Elixir Ultime

    A first-ever collaboration in its creative history designed 
    by luxurious iconic designer Yaz of Yazbukey

    beautiful Oriental design, where unique Ottoman motifs decorate
     the iconic Elixir Ultime golden bottle as well as outer packaging

    I love the scent of the precious oils, I am a fan of oils.

    how to de-frizz hair with it

    testing: after blow drying then using one pump to smoothen hair

    This product can also be used to deep condition your hair to control dry wild hair like mine. It gives that extra moisture control during the day. If you plan to leave it overnight, it works even better! like sleeping mask that gives you deep hydration while you snooze, you get deep hydration for softer, smoother, revitalized hair the next morning. The amount you use determines how hydrated your hair will be, so if you over-do it, just wash your hair if it's too oily and you'll still get soft and shiny hair.

    why use Elixir Ultime? (ps this is my hair)

    My verdict:
    For RM138 it's a splurge on a luxurious elixir for my hair. It smells delicious  and on first try, it's give an instant shine and smoothing effect. Colorless, lightweight oil, it doesn't weight my hair down like some products do and it does not give residues of any kind after a few hours. Many would ask, is it oily? well definitely if you apply too much. I use one pump on my palm, let my body heat warm it up a bit and then apply to my hair (avoiding hair roots). It's not greasy like a film like layer, but definitely silky to your touch. I haven't try hot oil method yet, it will probably be great that way too. Love this elixir, beats any hair balm or hair serum that I have used so far, especially since I can use it in so many ways!

    My use it for ideas:
    Hair and scalp massage before shampoo
    Leave in conditioner (think of it as hair sleeping mask)
    Instant shine and smooth
    Protection for blow-dry
    Detangling after towel dry hair
    and lots more... maybe you can give a rich hair massage for your husband/bf.

    Tames frizzy hair
    Protects from blow drying heat
    Leave in treatment for next morning softness
    Adds shine
    Nourish your hair ends
    Hair aromatherapy

    When used as a leave in conditioner, it does get on my pillow so I advise to put a dry towel over your pillow to prevent that. 
    Since it's made of oils, do not be too generous with the amount used! will get oily (just wash your hair).
    Price is on the luxury side but think of the precious oils used. They ain't cheap too in the market.

    Perfect for all hair types. You can get this from exclusive Kerastase consultant salons. The limited edition version (like mine) is price at RM138. The Exlixir Ultime, is Kerastase's number one best seller.


    1. looks like this hair serum is suitable for my frizzy hair. btw, u look cool & gaya in tht shades :D

      1. :D i think this luxurious hair oil will suit a lady like you very well!

        p.s: gaya and handsome? hahahaa thx!!

    2. Keith Gilchrist of Kerastase / Shu Uemura is a loser. Keith have you ever had a DUI? Keith Gilchrist is a short man with a bad tupee and a small penis who is a slime bag.

    3. I agree Keith Gilchrist of Kerastase / Shu Uemura is a total loser. Keith resembles Garfield on crack with his bug eyes and bad weave. Keith will be the first to brag of his athleticism but we all know you are a little bitch. Keith is a little man with a Napoleonic complex.

    4. It sounds nice,maybe i'm gonna try it out someday :D


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