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Burberry Beauty KLCC Makeup by Celeste SNG

Burberry Beauty Summer 2012

Burberry Beauty KLCC

Burberry, the bags, the models, everyone wants a piece of Burberry. I can't afford the bag, but I definitely can be the face of Burberry. I mean the Burberry look ;) 

This Summer, Burberry brings to you the effortless elegance look that's so easy you'll say what hit you? Introducing the Burberry International Makeup artist Celeste Sng who has over 20 years in the industry. Today she will show us how to create the perfect luminous complexion along with advise and makeup techniques to keep. My review will be focusing on showing how the step goes and what products used. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll try my best to answer.

a unique makeup demo at Burberry Beauty counter

tip no.1 brushes are a girl's best friend

We are talking about quality brushes, ones made of goat and sable are so soft and fine your face will love you for it. Fingers on the other hand, are rough however way you want to compare with brushes. Everything you see here is by Burberry, from powders to eyeshadows to brushes. 

start with applying a makeup base

Celeste gushes about the Fresh Glow (makeup base), a signature must have product by Burbbery Beauty. It's a all-in-one make-up and skincare product to moisturize and highlight. An innovative luminous fluid base for instant radiance (one shade perfects all skin tones). This was the first product I spotted and tried at Burberry Beauty counter. The lightweight luminous base, gave a healthy glow to my hand on first swatch. I like the sheer dewy finish and shine. I recommend you girls to try this!

bare face model whose face is prepped already by Adrian

long lasting luminous liquid foundation no.4

tip no.2 Fresh Glow mix with Sheer Foundation

to create the luminous look and even out skin tone

liquid concealer no.2 

using eyeshadow brush no.9 to blend (tip no.3) 

sheer powder porcelain no.2 with kabuki brush
(set and minimize unwanted shine)

Celeste loves the kabuki brush for powder coverage

Tip no.4 - Using Fresh Glow, you can highlight the T zone to create an illusion of a longer nose or at cheek bones for a 3D look that's more define (and slimmer). Celeste move on to creating the easy 3 step eyeshadow application follow by eyeliner, first by lining then by smudging it with rosewood e/s using a definition brush no.10. That's tip no.5 for a natural eye line.

add depth to eye shape using Eye Shaper Brush No.11

Eye- Pale barley No.22 (base) 

Rosewood No.9 (eyelid) 

Tea Rose No.11 (contour)

Eye Definer Midnight Brown No.2
using crayon (no eyeliners needed!) 
just join the ends of your eye and fill in between lashes

smudge n set with Rosewood e/s using
Definition Brush No.10

apply voluminous mascara in Midnight Brown
(now if you don't have lash bottoms, skip!) 

Taupe Brown No.7 (define brows) 

Light glow Blossom Blush No.5
(to perk you up even when you're down)

Burberry lip cover golden peach no.29

Burberry lip glow nude peach no.14
(for the yummy shine)

the transformation to an elegant look

My verdict: I have always thought one needed the full on step A to Z along with the colors to complete a make up look but being here today made me realize make up don't need to be complicated. Not everyone is a make up artist or needs to be one on order to do make up. A simple make up technique can turn heads too, like Burberry's Luminous Look , effortless and yet still elegant and beautiful. Many thanks to Celeste and Adrian for the make up demonstration today. 

Burberry products used for this demo

Celeste, model and Adrian

me and Celeste (till we meet again)

Also many thanks to Jazz Reen and Esther for inviting me to the Burberry Summer 2012 make up demonstration at Isetan, KLCC. For a list of Buberry products and price click here.


  1. very beautiful! love the packaging!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. fatin reply u pulak haha....

      Jean, u so branded! but the packaging is Burberry's signature I also like!

    3. kakaka.. girls all love beautiful things. just wonder if the price is affordable or not? if takde burberry handbags, put burberry makeup product in my lousy handbag oso not bad eh? LOL

  2. seems that the colours are more suitable for fairer skin tone. if it were put on me, i don't think there'll be a difference in the before/after photos. *laughs*

    1. got one brown model in poster! i think it's just the colors used for this model suits her. Shades seem soft and safe for any day use. Would love to see u try! challenge hahahhaha

  3. I really Burberry's packaging,it's so nice and posh. By the way,that mini Kabuki Brush is so freakin' cute :P


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