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Guerlain and Emilio Pucci Summer 2012 Sneak Peek


me and Noel, luxurious beach getaway

I just came back from a wonderful trip to the beach and it feels like summer. I know we have "summer" all year long, but Port Dickson feels like summer with it's sexy heat, turquoise sea, burning sun and azure sky with it's fine sandy beaches. No one believed me when I said there's a beach just like that in PD and it's called The Blue Lagoon. All this reminds me of the glamorous and colorful summer of Guerlain and Emilion Pucci's Terra Azzura Summer 2012 collection.

Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci (limited edition)

This collection is inspired by summertime in Italy (ah...romantic). It celebrates a light-hearted and vibrant dolce vita that welcomes the fine weather with a burst of colour. Designed as the perfect extension of an ultra-feminine wardrobe, this unprecedented make-up collection adorns the summer in delightfully sunny shades. “Guerlain by emilio Pucci” embodies the union of two prestigious Houses in perfect synergy. Emilio Pucci, the Florentine fashion brand whose cult prints have been evoking Italian colour and a refined way of life since the fifties. And Guerlain, the jewel of French cosmetics, whose creations have represented Parisian luxury, know- how and excellence since 1828.
motif inspired by an iconic print, “Winter Capri”

signature print, a blue flower interlaced with swirls and flames

These rich worlds are combining in a collection of eleven products with accents of the Italian riviera, created by Olivier Échaudemaison, Guerlain Creative Director, and Laudomia Pucci, Pucci Image Director. The guiding thread of this second collaboration is a motif inspired by an iconic print, “Winter Capri”, taken from the Italian ready-to-wear brand’s archives. Exclusively recoloured for this collection, its signature print, a blue flower interlaced with swirls and flames, adds a joyful and elegant Pucci touch to the Guerlain products. Avanti!

a sneak peek at Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci

held at Alexis Bistro, Gardens Mid Valley

Karen introduces the collection and...

Make-up Artist from Paris, Maxime Poulin

Present at the sneak peek, is the make-up artist from Paris oh la la Maxime, who works and trained directly under Guerlain’s Creative Director, Olivier Echaudemaison. He showcase to us the right make-up application using the latest summer collection, Terra Azzurra. There's just about so many things to say about this beautiful summer collection, that I'll have to show you the original collection photographs instead of mine. It embodies what the summertime in Italy is and exudes that fashionable aura from “Winter Capri” motif.

the bronzing powder and blush rm294

the all time signature meteorites rm189

ecrin 4 couleurs e/s rm193, khol kajal rm121, mascara le 2 guerlain rm124

terracotta gloss rm124, terracotta nail (not available in Msia)

water villas at Avillion, Port Dickson

SO if you're getting ready to fall in love with the summer and it's blazing fiery passion at the beach side -  be it a luxurious getaway, staying on the stilts of a water villa in Avillion Port Dickson, the Terra Azzura summer colours will give you a beautiful summer to remember of. Guerlain is available at Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavilion, Sogo, Isetan Gardens Mid Valley and Isetan KLCC.


  1. Wow,that sunset looks so beautiful :D By the way,what camera did you use to take a picture of the sunset??It looks so nice


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