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Samsung OmniPro Oven and Plusizekitten


cook like a "lousai" with Samsung OmniPro oven
(me and Cik Lily Putih were invited to try the oven)

I think I met my match today. My match made in "oven" haha! My kitchen is still empty, well no kitchen no oven no sink but only a newly purchased Samsung fridge in place. That was the first thing we bought for our new home (errr.. having fresh food kept and chilled drinks is important for us!). I'm no Jamie Oliver, but today I met Jamie Oliver in a form of a conventional oven. Meet Samsung OmniPro Oven! the latest in thing for ovens, with 32 preset cooking programmes. It cooks like a "lousai" (boss) - grill, baked, steam and even cleans! (cleans itself via steam clean. All u need to do is wipe the water droplets off). Talk about lazy (evil laughter follows). Best thing? it's also a weighing machine u know?! which means, no more setting how long to cook and what temperature because this baby here is the first in the world to have OMNISENSE! (weight and humidity sensor).


watch this cute demo on how it works!

Takes out frozen chicken, puts in oven. Oven detects chicken is frozen and chicken is 1kg. Oven defrost the chicken within x mins (auto calculated by itself). Chicken now is ready to be roasted. You click chicken function and it auto sets x mins (against the weight of chicken) and roast it! You? reading a magazine or watching your favorite drama without needing to worry your chicken gets "bbq-ed black".

the baby that will make your cooking, baking or cleaning

 so we tested the oven out by baking chocolate chip cookies!

 after 15mins (inclusive of cooling time) cookies ready!
(can u guess which cookies are mine?)

inside is made of ceramic not stainless steel/epoxy
(ceramic is long lasting n hygienic)

can you believe it has steak functions?
(rare/medium/well done)

steam clean device that will help clean!
(I wish next time it has dish washing capabilities to wash itself)

 the cool accessories that comes with this oven
(for grilling, baking, defrosting, steaming, etc)

pose like a "lousai" too if you have this oven

effortless make up and now you have effortless cooking
(watch the demo on how it works for u!)

first in the world weight n temperature sensor
(u don't need to guess anymore)

your own Jamie Oliver in d kitchen

one touch sensor to defrost with OmniSense

no need manual book! it's in the "oven"!

who needs a weighing machine?

simple buttons with LED screen
(no headache with so many buttons to press)

easy, big and durable

warm your meals like a "lousai"

so many features, so little time

I filmed my fridge arrival coz too happy

Impressive? I was. I baked the cookies in less than 15mis can you believe it. All I did was put cookie dough on the crusty tray (baking tray) and put it in. Then set the dial to crusty. It weights and sets time by itself and all you need to do is press start. The price? Samsung says it's a competitive rate of RM2499.00. I don't know much about the price of conventional ovens, but judging by all the features it has and it's sleek and luxury design (which matches my ultra sleek, shiny and also silver Samsung french door fridge RM4999) a "lousai" will buy it!

if you like the Samsung OmniPro Oven, then click here for more information on it!


  1. wow.. looks good! best for noob cook like myself! haha.. but the price.. omg.

    1. heheheh come come.. i got the oven de!! u can come play also :D let's do cupcake session...

  2. waaa..comel je. kukis bentuk kucing. hihi. wahh...hage dia ble thn. tp, ape slhnye, gn utk slalu kn.

    1. comel kannn.... hehehhehe.. i buat the kucing punyaaaa........

  3. I just got our oven....and can't be use as kitchen cabinet table top is not here yet!,,,,

    1. T_T i also dun have kitchen cabinet... so i'm goin to put it on top of a box... sob...... n plug into the wall beside my fridge..oh kesiannya...

  4. A very canggih price for a very canggih oven wei...

  5. Hi there, i just got this oven also. do you think you could advice me on what buttons should i press if i were to bake muffins and cupcakes? Do i press crusty as well?

    1. hey :) the oven comes with a manual with easy to read table format of food cook using which feature and accessory :D

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