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introducing Macho Kai n Harry Kok Battles

******2ND WEEK'S WINNER!******
congratulations 2 Mirchi Kuri
(I'd like how u say Peri Peri in him!)

(closing friday, who will win?)

question: what do u think will win the pole dance?
(watch this video to find out)

Peri Platter for 4pax worth RM62 for a winner a week!

Contest Details: Will run on a weekly basis every Monday for 4 weeks (starting 18/6 until 13/7). Contest will end every Friday and a winner will be selected. After 4 weeks, winner list will be sent to Nandos Malaysia who will deliver the vouchers to the winners after 20th July, 2012.

How To Win A Peri Platter This Week!
  1. leave a comment with the following details:
    follower name: (yes only for followers of this blog! click follow to be a follower)
    after watching the pole dancing dance off, who do u think should win?
- contest starts Monday 2nd July - 6th July, 2012
- open to all followers of this blog
- Malaysian residents only
- you can enter as many times as you want but only 1 winner will be selected per week based on the most creative answers.
- prize will be delivered to you by Nandos Malaysia after 20th July, 2012.


  1. 1)MissyDoroshi
    2) Harry Kok will win! :)

  2. 1. Sherry
    2. Harry Kok will win

  3. 1.Vina
    2.Harry Kok will win for sure!! :)

  4. 1. follower name: Jessica Pang
    e-mail: pangyeanling@gmail.com

    2. After watching the pole dancing dance off, I think Harry Kok should win in this dancing show. Because he showed more confident, well-prepared, attracting and enjoying in the dancing show; but Macho Kai seems always secretly looking and look down at Harry Kok.

  5. 1. Fallen Angel (swspm@yahoo.com)
    2. Harry Kok can spind from bottom to top of the pole, thus Harry Kok FTW!!

  6. 1. chin soon eng (stevechin89@yahoo.com)
    2. Seeing this pole dance, i believe that harry kok will win it because he show is femininity aside that makes the whole dance more succesfully... besides that, the strength of his dance show how confident in front of the enemy.... go go go, i supporting you Harry Kok.... Harry Harry is the best, nobody beat you that....kok...kok...kok....;D

  7. 1.patricia yau
    2.Harry Kok sure winn!!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. 1- Sweetiegem (germaine_kazaf@hotmail.com)
    2- kok kok kok kuuuuu (chicky sound)HARRY KOK will win! oh well, its nando's! his surname already proven that he will be the winner! Hot peri peri in him will boost his energy even more! another plus point in him!

  10. 1) Foo Lee
    2) foolee7(at)gmail(dot)com

    Harry Kok will win judging from his enthusiasm in pre-battle and his agility and flexibility will definitely give him the upper hand

  11. 1. Follower Name : Jane Chua (janechua18@gmail.com/http://3-little-angels.blogspot.com)
    2. Macho Kai will win this as he dance so sexily with so much affectionate of love that captures my heart

  12. 1) Maxloon120 Ban Leong

    In this Pole Dancing competition, my vote goes for Harry because he is a (H)appening with few of his creative dances,(A)spiring from the beginning of this contest although is underdog but he never give up and always do his best, (R)omantic in term of doing something sweet which captured my attention such in 0.22 and 0.36 seconds, lastly is (Y)oung-at-Heart!^^

  13. 1. follower name: juli1202
    e-mail: juli1202@hotmail.com

    2. Harry Kok will win!

    Harry Kok will win because he can pole dance from bottom to top! It's amazing & totally unbelievable!

  14. 1. Follower name: vernz_08

    2. Email: vernss@live.com

    Harry Kok will win because he is [D]amn sexy,[A]ttractive,[N]ice,[C]alm and [E]xcellent (=

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Follower name: Cheryl LJ
    Email: chenleejie@gmail.com

    Harry has the highest winning chance as I mentioned previously because his mission contains CAP to achieve the goal which are Confident, Aggressive & Positive! These are the keys of every successful mission. From the video, I can see he has almost there.


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