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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • 3 Things You Should Not Buy On Mysale


    three things you should not buy on Mysale

    After shopping on Mysale.my for a year and going through all that trial and error of shopping here, I can now advise my readers what not to buy and what to buy. Here are some tips, based on my experience.

    Do Not Buy Branded Goods
    Do Not Buy Fragile Goods e.g candles
    Do Not Buy Gift Sets

    I'll explain why you not below with some real life examples haha!

    1. Branded Goods
    You'll be tempted to shop for branded goods on this site because they seriously are quite aggressive in repeating and recycling their branded clearance sale. Nothing wrong with that but MySale isn't the seller, so where are all the goods coming from? Recently I bought CK cosmetic products for a really good deal but unfortunately, when it arrived, I was upset to see a bunch of cheap looking products with the logo on. The products looked old, is in bad condition (scratches, cuts) and was cheap looking and cheap to the touch. Yeah if that's a word, cheap to the touch lol. Made of some kinda cheap plastic. The credibility of branded goods on Mysale is questionable. Purchase them at your own risk, do some research first as well. While many branded goods can be replicated, others require more work than just cheap imitation.

    Also for the price we pay, it could be expired, rejected goods. There is no way of telling as labels are often missing on these products from Mysale, especially on beauty products.

    2. Fragile Goods
    So you all know I'm a huge Voluspa fan so I've been shopping on Mysale because of that. I did buy other things too like bath products (liquid heavy) and other candle brands which comes in glass jars. There is a 50-50 chance your items may just be damaged when it reaches you. Why? Because Mysale does not care about their packaging. From what I see they just wrap bubble wrap over the bulk and throw it into a questionable cardboard box. It leaves you thinking, why do they keep doing this? They're just losing customers day after day with the no.1 infamous reason alone - bad packaging.

    And then you have to complain and get your refunds done. I especially hate it when companies ask to return damaged or wrongly sent goods in order for them to return your hard earned money. This seems to be the standard procedure for most online shopping sites in Malaysia.

    3. Gift Sets
    If you're thinking of buy gift sets and nice gifts from MySale, you'd have to really think twice about it because of point 1 and 2, especially point 2. With such bad handling of goods purchase, by the time your parcel reaches you (normally 1 month) everything else is damaged including your gift set. My latest haul, a candle smashed like a post bar fight and the wax melted and leaked all over a damaged gift set, causing the packaging to deteriorate. So I have a gift set that's not presentable anymore.

    While it's still really fun to shop on Mysale because there are items that's genuine there like Tommee Tipeee, Voluspa, Soi Candles, Bath products, and home decor, but should they not survive the horrible packing, then the customer service will refund you for it. Either partial or full refund, based on damage assessment of your goods. You have to snap photos and email them for it. It's a easy process, so far all my complaints have be dealt with, and I gotten my refunds for damaged items after emailing them the photographs. I am still addicted to Mysale.

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    27. It's been awhile since I last shopped on Mysale ahaha. I agree especially on the makeup coz we don't know bout the expiry date. But I especially liked going to Mysale coz of the hot choco series XD



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