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  • DIY Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub


    today's homemade beauty secret

    Being a Lushie (Lush fan) I wanted to try making the popular Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub at home. Lush's lip scrub is being sold on www.lushsg.com for SGD21 = RM55. I could whip up a batch at home for less using castor sugar, grape seed oil, bubble gum flavoring and pink food coloring.

    This is Lush's Bubble Gum ingredients:

    Castor Sugar (Castor Sugar), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Flavour (Flavour), Colour 45410 (Colour 45410), Colour 45380 (Colour 45380)

    I tried making my own bubble gum flavoring using peppermint, strawberry and what not flavorings but couldn't quite get that sweet pink girly taste so I decided to just buy the bubble gum flavoring from a shop in Publika that sells diy beauty products.

    the popular Lush Bubble Gum lip scrub

    this is all I need to make a batch of lip scrub

    first goes the castor sugar into the mixing bowl

    few drops of food coloring, I use Wilton's Pink
    (2 - 3 drops is sufficient, add more for darker shade)

    mix it well with a plastic spoon

    When it comes to measurement, play it by heart. There is no right or wrong in creating your own homemade indulgence. The only question is, how do you like it? Watery? Dry? More oil? Way more pink or slightly pink? As you make you own concoctions, start small and work your way to your preferred color and texture consistency. For flavorings, 2 - 3 drops is sufficient for a big bowl of castor sugar otherwise the scent would be too strong. For coloring, 2 - 3 dots would give you that color already, just make sure you throughly mix it up and don't leave clumps of food coloring around in the mixture.

    For oil, start with a small cup and if you think you want it to be more oily / watery, add more.

    add your flavoring and oil, I use grape seed oil
    (you can also use virgin olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil)

    fill up glass jars / bottles with your lip scrub

    use twice a week to slough off dead skin cells

    The same recipe can be used to make body scrub but I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil and sugar (not castor sugar) for body. Castor sugar is used because it's smaller compared to normal sugar. Our lips need a gentler touch compared to body scrubs you see. I use grape seed oil because it's really moisturizing and doesn't have the olive oil scent. For a more delicious scrub, add coconut oil :)

    P.S: Yes this is edible :)

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    1. I still have your DIY lip scrubs at home :) Weee!

      1. awww... but must remember they're preservative free so can't keep long

    2. wooo definitely trying this at home!!!!

    3. Wow, that's very clever and creative. If I do this myself, I think I'll spoil it, haha! Not good at mixing edible stuff, haha!

    4. Lovely DIY Tips, tammy ! hahaha... I shall try it at home too..

    5. Sooo cool! Inspired me to try it too! Yayyyy

    6. Always wanted to make one but so lazy haha but yours nampak dap dap nyew!

    7. nice info dear ^^

    8. Tammy nak sikit! :) *mood pemalas nak cuba buat sendiri!

    9. i made some last week with lemon, rosemary and coconut oil... very wangi.. hahha
      where in publika do they sell the flavouring?

    10. Like super easy to make je.. gonna buy all the ingredients and made mine soon! :P

    11. Given that the Lush scrubs are not cheap and we can't get them in this country either, DIY is a fantastic idea! But I don't know how to make a Popcorn Flavoured Scrub!

    12. nice, I hope I can find all the ingredients soon :)

    13. Yummy concoction!

      Me wanna kissable lips like that too! *rummage kitchen*


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