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Loccitane Almond Milk Veil and Body Tonic Oil


my latest Loccitane haul (July)

I have been waiting for 7 months for Loccitane to have their promotion on Delicious Almond range back again. I totally missed the one last year (I wasn't a huge fan yet) so I was waiting month by month for this one to show up. According to their calendar, it should be June (almond month) but Peony make up came up and Almond was I guess, pushed to July. While stalking Singapore Loccitane website last month, I saw they had already launched two new products into the Delicious Almond range, making my "complete collection" incomplete! (screams). Sorry I am a die hard fan of this almond range, particularly because I really love Almond scents.

discover the latest products for almond!

The latest two products - Almond Milk Veil (Body Lotion in a pump) and Tonic Body Oil for water retention and firming (but don't smell almond enough). I prefer the pump packaging this time, coz that'll at least decrease bacteria/air invasion into the product (Milk Concentrate). There's more information in Loccitane Malaysia website.

Milk Veil 250ml *baru* rm150

Tonic Body Oil 100ml rm190 *baru*

I was comparing the individual products (member discount 5%) vs. buying the promotional sets (savings of at least 20%). In the end it was probably the savings & that small gifts that made me decide. I bought the and got the entire gwp tier gifts. Well also thanks to my boyfriend, he has a part in this "haul". He insists he has a part in it.

Firming & Toning Set RM360 (worth RM437)
- Milk Concentrate 200ml rm190
- Tonic Body Oil 100ml rm190 *baru*
- Delicious Paste 50ml

Firming Almond RM260 (worth RM305)
- Milk Veil 250ml *baru* rm150
- Delicious Paste 200ml RM155

can't resist this gwp got nice bag

With purchases above RM350* (inclusive of an Almond product) receive a 4-pc gift and; an additional Hand Woven Straw Bag, Almond Shower Oil 75ml and Shea Butter Hand Cream 10ml with purchases above RM500*.

*Valid from 1 July 2010 while stocks last. Normal retail items only. Not valid with other promotions. Other terms and conditions apply.

this month's special sets for Delicious Almond

Ok so I have the complete collection again! yes almond! my precious~ (Lotr sound effects). It's the first time I have a complete bath care collection in my life actually. I have never been this crazy if it wasn't for the delicious scent of almonds (and also the benefits of it for firming and toning hehe).


  1. ooohh... i can smell the almond from here!!

  2. yeah baybeh!! haha!!! have u tried it before? it's intoxicating..

  3. don't use any of them! just let them sit there & admire them..


  4. omg, stingy gift!!!
    tot can get all in the pic for RM350.....
    sad :(


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