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Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara!


guess who's got a Hello Kitty Mascara?

When I first saw this in Watsons, I just had to get it. I didn't even bother reading what the mascara do or will do! why?! argh look at it? We are talking about Hello Kitty here! the last time I got Hello Kitty cosmetics it costs me a bomb! seriously I think the product will just sell because of the Hello Kitty appeal! Hello Kitty fans will grab it like mad. Who can resist that sweet face and cute bow? It's only RM36.90 and if you're not a fan, the power of the volume xpress cat eyes mascara (waterproof) will also blow u away! it says HYPERCURL!
  • 5 x more volume, 75degrees curl (even without eyelash curler)
  • 18 hours curl
  • feline lash comb technology
  • instant va-va-voom volume
  • a trend setter
Available exclusively now at all Watsons outlets nationwide, LIMITED EDITION available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY - Volum' Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Hello Kitty is priced at RM36.90. Buy yours now to get into the Hello Kitty mania! Also don't forget to join the Maybelline NY Facebook coz there's a contest for this and you might win prizes! (don't forget share with me ahahha).

will this Hello Kitty mascara be out of stock?
(we have to fight of the Hello Kitty fans first!)


  1. its super cute!!

    i'm lurving that frame thingy!

  2. yeah!!! that's why i had to get the frame n put here..hahahaa

  3. must. get. it. asap!.
    i dig LE stuff and Maybelline's mascaras are great quality too ;)

  4. Hi Miu, omg its Hello Kitty!!! This is like a mini shoutout for Mac Hello Kitty. I'm going to Watsons tomorrow LOL :D

  5. OMG~ I din realise this on market!!! Is it still available on market now???

    Maybe you will like this, Limited Edition of Hello Kitty Camera :P


  6. Great information. Thanks for providing us such a useful information. Keep up the good work and continue providing us more quality information from time to time. Mascara


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