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Rimmel's Stay Glossy Up To 6 Hours Of Girly Fun


pump up the volume pls Mr. DJ, this gloss is here to STAY!

I have the honored to review the Rimmel's Stay Glossy lip gloss from Rimmel London Malaysia Facebook recently and I thought why not make it fun? I mean reviews shouldn't be boring and how many people have already known what a lip gloss can do besides giving you that added glossy smacking kissable lips when you go out? Well you can give it a bit of STYLE! swipe it on for some glamor, swipe it on for some girly fun, swipe it on for attention and let it shine for hours!

up to 6 hours of shine with Rimmel Stay Glossy

At times like this I wish I have a DSLR camera to snap high definition picture of my "Cindy Crawford" lips and mole. I take it that's my best accessory to match with a dazzling and glamorous lip gloss color! Pink or sweet pink has always been my favorite kind of color too. The packaging looks cool with the silver metal cap that fastens the gloss in place. Its fluffy applicator smooths on my lips easily, glazing it like peanut butter to toast. One of the many reasons why I prefer lip gloss to lipstick haha.

girls just want to have fun~

To sum up this is a pretty gloss that's neither overly oily, greasy or sticky. My lips definitely felt softer (moisturized) after application and the gloss stays for more than the usual 2 hours of average gloss I use before re-applying. I'm not sure if it could stay for up to 6 hours as I had a bit of snacking and drinking while partying at a friend's birthday. With face painting from Stacey (talented make up artist cum face painter), all I needed was a touch of glam to make me shine even without make up. Yes if you don't have make up on, a lip gloss that's glossy and shiny will be your quickie instant lift me up :)

checking the mirror before I go out tonight

snap pictures first! I'm a Geisha tonight (not quite)

love the color on this Stay Glossy lip gloss!
it's called DARE TO STAY (code 330)

Thanks to Rimmel London Malaysia for my quick shine getaway for a girl's night out! Here's a big kiss *MUAKS* and I hope (the kiss mark) it stays up to 6 hours! My dear readers do check out their facebook page and blog site to find out more about Rimmel London Malaysia cosmetic products and to join whatever fun activities they organize!

Quick Facts

New Stay Glossy Lipgloss features advanced Shine Extend™ technology for up to six hours of fabulously polished perfection. Its lip-loving formula pampers lips with a caring complex of cotton and silk for increased lips moisturisation. The innovative Soft Extend™ applicator is designed for ultimate speed and accuracy, defining your dream lips in a flash. Style! Shape! Shine! Available in 8 vibrant shades, at the recommended retail price of RM 27.90

Available starting July 2010, at all Watson’s Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Aeon Wellness, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Shopping Plaza, Square One Shopping Mall)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. great review! makes me feel like running out and getting one in every colour.. lol

    stacey: brilliant work on the face paint! :)

  3. awesome!!! we love the geisha do!! Can we tag our article on our rimmel london blog please?

  4. oh and PLEASE kiss some cute guys with those sassy lips!!

  5. Hhaha... Tammy you really make me envy your creativeness... cool.

    Fatin: She need some vintage feel, so i came out with this. Glad you like it.

    Rimmel: Yes Tammy will sure kiss "Some" cute guy.."Ng"

  6. Wow miu!!!!!! U look amazing!!!!!

  7. nice lips cindy crawford

  8. What a work of art! :)

    & that gloss colour looks uber nice!


  9. thanks Fatin! i know u love rimmel a lot too!

  10. Rimmel sure!!!!!! go ahead!!! it's a bout girly fun and rimmel sure if fun to use!!

  11. hey miu ur hair so nice leh!

  12. thanks chindo! :) it's actually a wig! my first wig :)

  13. Lisa: it is yeah? Thx to my friend who added the flowery touch too!

  14. pauline: thx!!! all part of fun :D

  15. I tried looking for it today at One Utama Watson but couldn't find it. =(

  16. cool, style and u r beautiful!


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