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Smooth Me Legs Please!


hairy problems guys shouldn't know about

This month's issue of Seventeen has a feature on hairy issues, well particularly on how to get rid of your hairs (okie fur as Veronica from Archies would call it). I know sometimes its embarrassing to have odd hairs spurting out of your hands or legs (where you thought u had zap them away) and at times you think twice about wearing that bikini/swimsuit because you haven't shave (shave what the guys will ask? don't tell them!).

being a girl so much things to do?!

So back to the hairy issue, what are some of the ways you can get rid of your fur? we all know the all famous and convenient way is to SHAVE (but your furs grow back again, fast and pokey). Then there's waxing which might caused an infection if not done properly (leave it to the professionals I tell u! I experience my ups and downs with waxing sob sob). There's also depilatory creams (where u can find from Guardian/Sasa/Watsons, smooth them on shower time and after a few mins your hair kinda melts away by itself). Probably a trillion ways to get rid of your furs out there right? well today there's one more miracle worker as some would say out there waiting to be tried and tested.

video on how to use Smooth Legs

It looks like a body pad brush except without brushes and it's suppose to remove your fur. How? well as I read, it says slightly apply pressure and go in circles on your [where u place it]. Hair would be remove that way and you don't really feel pain! I suppose it's like rubbing your skin and in same time it exfoliates (scrubs) and pull the hair off without you knowing? I tried it at home and it does work! but being a beginner I must say it would take some time getting use to this new way as compared to using my shaver. At first I didn't even know you have to put the crystal pad on the pink holder. I was just massaging my skin for like minutes before thinking..maybe I did something wrong here.

Europe's Leading Hair Removal Product

True enough, it's the black pad crystal thingy called "SmoooothLegs™ Micro-Crystal Pads" that I needed to stick onto the brush pad holder to get things moving. Apparently the crystal pads has thousands of tiny tiny superfine crystals that buffs away your hair while scrubbing dead skin off. The result would be hair removal, smooth and soft skin (and shall I add that wherever that you're doing this on gets some pampering massage time as well).

receive this to review but duno how to *face palm *

Gosh look at the time, I gotta go! be back again with pictures of the "smooth legs" and "cystal pads" to show you all. FAILURE MIU!!! tak tau guna benda (don't know how to use) on first try. If anyone is interested Smooth Legs is RM29 inclusive of postage already by Supermodel's Secrets Blog Shop (just the name gives me shivers) There's more infomation there if you girls can't wait for me to go into details (coz i wanna show pics of how it works n such).

Product sponsored by Supermodel's Secrets Blogshop

Videos & Photos courtesy of Supermodel's Secrets Blogshop too! gamsah hamida (thank you in korean)


  1. u give the best reviews girl! i want one now!

  2. awwwwwwwwww!!!! babe thanks so much for your compliment! haha hey!!! wanan be swap buddies?

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