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Fresh Blooms Every Thurdays


Tammy's balcony is now blooming fabulous

This week's blooms is from Bloom This. I wanted to romance myself for a change so I subscribed to a weekly/ month's subscription with a 10% discount code I received. It's RM176.00 for 4 deliveries every Thursday. The flowers will be random every week, delivered fresh by a courier. What I love about Bloom This is the flowers aren't just any el cheapo blooms you find out there. They put in a mix of wilds, premium blooms that you would never buy yourself. I figure with my 10% discount code, I'll be getting a deal out of this and fresh blooms for my Ikea vase that I bought every week.

At least the blooms keeps me smiling in my room. Right now it's at my balcony where I have a Ikea outdoor wood table chair set. Took the picture with my HTC Desire Eye phone and edit via instagram. I love concrete so much! (the wall the wall!!!).

this week it's Allium & Hot Pink Cherry Rosses
(wish they gave more baby breaths / fillers)

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