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  • Guerisson 9-Complex Horse Oil Review


     current fave face & body moisturiser

    I’ve been hearing all about the Guerisson 9-Complex Horse Oil from friends and as part of my work, I was researching on why Horse Oil has become one of the popular must buy when you travel to Korea. Why? Here’s some idea:
    • Long-lasting Moisture
    • Wrinkle-reducing
    • Whitening
    • Skin protector
    • Skin soother
    • Fades marks
    • Repairs damaged skin
    The product is said to be anti-bacterial, multi-purpose moisturizer not only suitable for all skin types (face) but also for the body or hair. Formulated with the 9-Complex, which is made up of 9 herb & plant extracts – Lavender, Sage, Peppermint, Apple Mint, Rosemary, Cabbage Rose Petal, Lemon Balm Leaf, Bergamot and Chamomile.

    I have been wondering whether it is using real horse oil and how does one make horse oil? When I find out, I’ll update my review. For now the horse oil in this product is said to be purified horse oil from Germany.

    Horse oil is said to be an old wives beauty secret to keeping their skin healthy and great back in those days. Stories dated back to China where horses aplenty, horse oil were used to moisturise the body during winter because of the high purity of ceramide, a skin identical component that with regular use, will improve skin moisture, texture and brightens. It was natural and it had anti-bacterial properties.

    The Guerisson 9 Complex Cream is also referred to as skin saviour cream or scar erasing cream (improving damage skin). With all the claims it can do, I am a bit sceptical to how great this product would be. It's said to also keep our skin moisturised for 72 hours without reapplying again.

    Because the product is so popular, there are fakes to be aware of. Some girls get so paranoid about whether or not their products are real. It’s really quite simple if you just refer to the manufacturer’s site to find out how to spot an original product from Claire’s (the manufacturer). 

    the Guerisson 9-Complex from Althea.Kr is authentic
    (I checked with Althea Kr & the manufacturer Claire's)

    the hologram sticker design
    (check for original cues)

    the scent, which I love, smells like herbed lemon
    (fakes smells like some detergent)

    the printed label & expiry date at the bottom

    From what I read, the original packaging is in dark orange and is grainy in feel compared to the fake (smooth and lighter in color). The product is sealed on both sides with transparent sticker.  The hologram sticker with the word Claire and leafy designs on the jar is the easiest to spot if it’s an original. At the bottom of the jar, is a printed label in Korean with an expiry date. 

    The product comes with a small “card” certifying its authenticity and a nice transparent plastic spatula with the word Guerisson on it. The cap has the word Guerisson 9-Complex embossed (3D). The fake one has a smooth surface.

    The texture of the product is suppose to be like butter (see pic). The fake is like a lotion.

    Anyway I bought my Guerisson 9-Complex from Althea Korea which guarantees it’s product to be authentic as they deal direct with brands in Korea, otherwise a refund would be given within 30-days of purchase. Many question the whether the products on Althea are original due to the affordability.  

    Unlike other K-Beauty online shops in Malaysia, Althea deals directly with popular Korean brands in Korea itself. The costs are significantly reduced thanks to a virtual store. The downside of being a company in Korea is that purchases are shipped from Korea to Malaysia, which takes up to 15 working days to deliver as compared to just walking into a store and buying it off the shelves. For a season online shopper like me, I feel the shipping rates are cheap since it’s International. You don’t know the nightmare I gone through with that screw up China “ebay” called Taobao. I had to pay RM500 in shipping charges and I still don’t see my parcel (it’s been a year and they’re not taking responsibility over it). Starcom Singapore and Malaysia social-media agency Rouge Communication engaged me to “promote” Taobao and neither could give a flying cat about what happened or compensate me back what I lost / spent.  I will seek legal action towards these three companies just to get justice. 

    [Back to my review I just get really upset thinking about my bad experience with Taobao]

    Comparing Taobao and Althea, Althea has so far been one of the best online shopping sites to give good customer service besides value and “public service” by giving Malaysians a chance to purchase Korean products without needing to fly there. We all know Korean products are super cheap in Korea. It’s when it comes to Malaysia that somehow becomes double or triples the price.

    texture is like butter minus the greasy oily uncomfortable feeling

    love it as a natural, anti-bacterial moisturiser

    I can’t give a complete review yet about the Guerisson 9-Complex, I still have 3 weeks to go and already I am finishing ¼ of the product. I use it for my body and face because it calms and soothes my sensitive skin besides moisturising it. Similar to Vaseline and Elizabeth Arden’s 8-Hour Cream (which is my travel favorite) but less greasier and oily. There is no residue from after using the Guerisson 9-Complex horse oil, it’s easy to apply, takes a lot as well if you’re using on your body. I have dry and sensitive skin so I feel this product needs a lot of application. A tiny bit doesn’t do the trick. 

    Also unlike your usual face moisturiser, you won't feel the "wet" or "cooling" sensation when you use the horse oil and mind you, that don't mean your skin is not moisturised. My face is dry that I get peeling spells from time to time and this Guerisson 9-Complex within a few days of usage has save my skin from being flaky and peeling. Also my arms from itching due to seafood allergy (it gets read and itchy with bumps when I eat my fave seafood). 

    So far I love it as a moisturizer and skin protector (thanks to the Ceramide components, which makes your skin youthful). I don’t see any whitening effects after a week of usage. I’ll continue to use this product until I hit the “pan” (bottom). For RM46 instead of RM73, I don’t have any complains. 

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    1. darn it I didn't buy this one argh! looks good though

    2. I never buy taobao directly but through taobao agents..so far no problem..air is usually around rm 11/kg..lotsa taobao agents in lowyat forum.
      Interesting..waiting to know how they create horse oil

    3. I am gonna get this next! What is the difference with the other one? Also Guerisson but it's in bottle form?


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