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  • Cloud 9 Blanc De Whitening Review (Instant Whitening Cream)


    Cloud 9 Blanc De White Whitening Cream 50 ml

    So I have this huge crush on Korean beauty products like forever.. and recently the obsession became seriously unhealthy. I have been spending a lot of time on my.althea.kr or althea.kr checking out their products, be it new arrivals or the trendy items they feature. What's trendy items? Well in short it just means the latest / coolest / sexiest / hottest K-Beauty must tries from Korea. Althea is technically in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea and that made them the leader in bringing in K-Beauty products for shoppers to try in Malaysia. All products from Althea is original, if you think you're unhappy with that fact you can get a 30-days unconditional refund back by emailing help@althea.kr.

    They recently launched beta-testing on Althea Singapore sg.althea.kr and soon to the rest of the South East Asia. I see it as a Althea Revolution because no longer do we need to fly to Korea to purchase these cool products or shop at Korean prices anymore. While it has it's pros and cons with retail shops which offers a whole or complete range of products carry by the brand, virtual stores provide us with our favourites at an affordable price compared to retail shops. How much cheaper? Think 20 - 50% or more cheaper. How is that possible? Because they're from Korea. All they need is to build a bridge to us. This bridge is a a long wait compare to just walking in a store and getting your much needed restock immediately. Shipping takes up to 10 - 15 working days to reach Malaysia, half for Singapore. While retail outlets provide us a chance to sample products through sampling and testing, and promoters readily available to attend to you, virtual shops do not. Hence the pros and cons versus the price we pay.

    the original markers (labels, hologram sticker)
    but the latest batch of Cloud 9 has a hidden tag scanner
    (where you dl the app to verify originality)

    Anyway back to the latest haul I have, in which I been wanting to gush about one particular product. I read all about it online and it's Guerisson 9-Complex's twin star (under same company called Claire). The product is called Cloud 9, Blanc De Whitening. The name itself? heavenly. It's CLOUD and when I think of cloud, I think happy white bouncy cotton candy white clouds. Convinced I must try this product after hearing so much about it from International bloggers, I bought it for RM65 (np RM130) which is the cheapest by far compared to all the shopping sites in Malaysia.

    A bit introduction about Cloud 9 and why I want it so much. It's a product that claims to reduce melanin, even our redness / skin tone, gives instant whitening that last for up to 12 hours with a dewy finish. Suitable for all skin types it contains 9 key ingredients that's natural aloe, snow lotus, white ginseng, lily, houttuynia cordata, freesia, daisy, and edelweiss extracts but it also contains chemicals (refer to ingredient list at the bottom of this review). 
    • reduce melanin
    • instant brightening
    • correct skin tone
    • de-pigmentation
    • reduce redness
    • anti wrinkle
    As an anti-pigmentation cream, it contains titanium dioxide. A key ingredient found in your sunscreen, makeup and whitening skincare. It gives that identifying scent to the already powder baby fragrance. Titanium dioxide protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is considered to have no risk of skin irritation (see Paula's Choice).

    spatula oh spatula, look at it glister

    pudding tofu like texture, smells like strong baby powder

    How To Use?

    After cleansing, toning the Cloud 9 can be used as a moisturiser / face cream before make up day or night (I wouldn't recommend using this for night since it contains Titanium Dioxide which might clog your pores). I used a moisturising mask before I apply my make up because I have dry skin. When I don't have time to mask, I use the Too Cool For School's Aqua Gel Mist to hydrate my face. I bought it from my last trip to Korea (May) it's not that all good but it works as a light face hydration mist. I also prep my skin with Guerisson 9 Complex (horse oil cream) before using it.

    Why am I saying this? Because I know whitening creams are drying, and because I have dry skin I need to be prep my skin before I use this product.

    I know after a while that this product is drying after application. Granted it's not a moisturiser because it's main deal is to instantly whiten your skin, perhaps those with oily skin would like it. The cream isn't oily or greasy. The texture is that of a tofu or pudding. It looks like a bunch of white clouds in a bath tub. Upon application, you'll need to blend it evenly on your skin. It's not cakey when you put makeup on, but a word of caution again for dry skin, moisturise moisturise moisture before makeup, else your skin will be cakey, peely etc unless you're using a good hydrating foundation or bb cream. 

    the texture during application

    the instant whitening result after 1 layer

    My Verdict!

    I fell in love the moment I saw the instant whitening result on my hands during my first testing using the spatula to scoop the product out. Spatulas great, it's hygienic so I love any products that comes with a spatula. However it's a pain to clean spatulas to avoid double dipping. What's the difference with using your fingers and double dipping? May as well just use your fingers if you're doing that. I wish more product comes with a packaging / bottled in a one pump to avoid exposure to bacteria and double dipping tendencies.

    SO it really does gives an instant whitening result that last up to 12 hours and with prolong use, will help in reducing pigmentation and improve your skin (skin tone, repair, reduce freckles, reduce redness, lighten dark uv spots). Since I am only on my first week of using this product, I can't give my view about it just yet on how effective this would be. I shall update my review again when I finish this product in the course of 2 - 3 months.

    Price: affordable from Althea at RM65 (np RM130)
    Packaging: frosted, look expensive
    Texture: Cloudy Tofu / Pudding like
    Scent: Strong Baby Powder / Whitening Cream scent
    Colour: White

    P.S: I have not encounter any product that whitens instantly that naturally. This is a product I am going to tell my friends about to give it a try. I have already repurchase a second one because I just love it to bits.
    Ingredients: water, titanium dioxide, cyclopentasiloxane, butylene glycol, cyclohexasiloxane, arbutin, dipropylene glycol, sodium acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl, taurate copolymer, isohexadecane, phenoxyethanol, aluminum hydroxide, disodium stearyl sulfosuccinamate, caprylyl glycol, glyceryl caprylate, hydrated silica, polysorbate 80, nelumbo nucifera flower extract, aloe barbadensis leaf water, perfume, adenosine, morus alba bark extract, lilium candidum flower extract, saussurea involucrata extract, houttuynia cordata extract, freesia alba flower extract, bellis perennis (daisy) flower extract, leotopodium alpinum flower extract, panax ginseng root extract.
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    1. hi...i juz want t buy it and use at night..
      but after i saw ur review..is it means tat not suitable to use at night ?

    2. hey Justine,

      It's just my opinion not to use it at night. This product can be used at night but I am worried about the ingredients in it that might clog pores so using it at night to sleep isn't a good idea as your skin needs to be free to breath and repair itself after a day out with make up and sun protection.


      1. okayy...thanks ya 😊
        i dun make up actually😊


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