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  • Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Pack Review


    my top 10 K-Beauty must have - Egg Mousse Pack

    This is a quickie review on sharing about one of my top ten Korean beauty products must buy from my experience of using and exploring Korean skincare / cosmetic products. I first discovered this when Too Cool For School launched in Malaysia few years back and bought it for RM66.70/100ml now it's about RM80? and TCFS has pulled out from Malaysia so it's harder to repurchase. The cute packaging caught my eye, I'm a sucker for all things cute and interesting and so far the coolest beauty products comes from Japan and Korea.
    A facial pack is different from a facial mask. Packs are setting masks while Masks are non-setting masks which takes time to dry. Packs are instant because it's made to be absorb fast into your skin to give instant results. Most of the time packs deliver nutrients while cleaning impurities, while masks are to combat dryness. There are many types of mask in the market - gel mask, clay mask, sheet mask, etc. For the egg mousse pack, it deep cleanses to remove impurities thus brightening and smoothing your face. It has nutrients to feed your skin making it soft / moisturise. 

    The name of the product was catchy - Egg Mousse Pack. I was thinking what mousse is this?! made of egg? does it smell like egg then? (I won't like to smell like egg ugh). I bought the product since it looks really quirky and cool. One my first use, the texture was a thick foamy cream like a mousse itself. Dense, creamy and I would describe it like a shaving cream my dad uses at home.

    It doesn't smell like egg whites thank goodness. Reading the instructions, it says to apply on the face avoiding the eye and lip area. I spppurrttttt the product on my face, like using a whipping cream canister just for fun. The product wasn't watery, and it held onto my face without falling *impressed*. I gently massage it on my face and waited 1 - 2 mins (not too long) for it to be absorbed then I wash it off.

    suitable for all skin types
    (I have dry & sensitive skin fyi)

    It made my skin smooth and hydrated (not overly since it's a wash off pack). I have been using this every morning and night before I sleep as a cleansing pack. It deep cleanses sebum and dirt on my face, and after washing there's a brightening effect and it leaves my face feeling hydrated. It's not a moisturising mask, so a moisturiser is still needed after this if you have dry skin like me.

    What's cool is the mousse has nutrients of the egg so leaving it to be absorb making skin smooth and hydrated. Just like how your mom says to put egg whites on your face! (old beauty ritual). I have been repurchasing this since then and will never fail to have it or introduce this product to my friends.

    The Benefits:

    Whitens & Moisturizes
    One bottle to obtain the effect of whitening, moisturizing, and nourishing.

    Egg-based Skin Nutrients
    Enriched with Betaine and Polyol that maximize skin hydration, resulting in very moist and very smooth skin.

    Deep Cleansing
    Genuine mousse helps remove excessive sebum and impurities without a tight sensation.


    1. It looks so good I felt like trying out, but does it pricey?

      1. It retails nearly RM70 now at Too Cool For School outlet in KL @ Curve. On www.althea.kr today it's buy 1 free 1 for RM37. Althea sells them cheaper since they're direct from Korea, shipping takes much longer (10 - 15 working days) than stepping into a store to buy it off quick.

        I bought 1 set today at http://althea.kr/egg-mousse-pack

    2. would love to try, but need to wait for money to fly into my pocket...hehehe


    3. you saje je nak suruh i beli! hahahah

    4. just now saw on Althea website...stress..gaji lambat lagi :(


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