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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide Malaysia


    say hello to this cute guy from Beauty Guide!
    (I want to bring him back!!!)

    Today I'm going to share about a new online beauty and wellness platform called Beauty Guidewwww.beautyguide.com.my that allows users to find out information and reviews about beauty, spa and wellness services in Malaysia. They claim to be the first of it's kind to provide such a platform. I have seen other sites of the same but perhaps not in totality because Beauty Guide covers 4 segments - Beauty, Spa & Wellness, Skincare and Feature Interviews. You can find :
    • reviews from real clients (is there fake clients?)
    • e-magazine on beauty trends
    • advise, tips and guidance from beauty industry professionals (blog)
    • information about beauty (salons / treatments / topics)
    It is a place where you can read about everything about beauty (head to toe), drop and read reviews, share information, and well it's like the "yellow page" for beauty services in Malaysia.

    Beauty Guide - Malaysia's one stop beauty portal

    Media Coverage - they have invited the media to go on a Beauty Day Out in March where 15 medias go on a beauty trail to experience head to toe pampering treatments as part of what Beauty Guide is all about. They decided to do a blogger's Beauty Day Out by partnering with Butterfly Project where 12 beauty & lifestyle bloggers went on the same beauty trail experience but with different merchants.

    Therese Schewensen, Founder & MD of Beauty Guide

    Beauty Day Out with 12 butterflies from Butterfly Project

    The idea is to show how one could enjoy a day of head to toe pampering at the best beauty spots in the Klang Valley. Reviews could be shared on Beauty Guide's website. As part of the founder of Butterfly Project, I participated in the Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide on 6th June, 2015 to see what's the fuss about.

    The Program of The Day:
    09.00am - Registration at Coffee Bean, Bangsar
    10.00am - Waxing at Strip, Bangsar
    11.30am - Spa at Mandara Spa, Sunway Hotels
    02.00pm  - Lunch at WIP, Bangsar
    03.00pm - Manicure / Pedicure at Apronbay, Bangsar

    I took one look at the program and knew this would be a good day. They have one of the best beauty spots planned out for the day. All but the lunch session, I have tried and reviewed before in my blog. I also know the people behind Strip! and Apronbay. Mandara Spa is a beautiful spa resting in Sunway Hotel's The Villas where my idol Xandria Ooi reviewed before in her spa getaway video.

    You might wonder how we got to one place to another within that tight schedule. Beauty Guide has UBER Luxury cars waiting to chauffeur us around from Bangsar to Sunway and back to Bangsar again. We were spoiled by Beauty Guide and that's the kind of spoiling I love.  Here's my experience with The Butterfly Project bloggers x Beauty Guide: Beauty Day Out.

    we're walking to Strip! our first stop

    So our first stop was to Strip Ministry of Waxing, Bangsar Jalan Telawi. Strip has always been a favourite of mine when it comes to waxing. The facilities, the unique themes for each outlet and the level of education and care they give to their customers has made them quite popular. For the price I am paying, I don't mind if it comes with good service. We were given a tour and introduction to Strip, but it was nothing I didn't know. I had a 1/2 leg waxing (RM53) done beautifully using soft wax. When I say beautifully done, it means the whole experience from getting on the bed to after waxing. My skin is soft, there's no strays left running wild. I'm already quite tolerant to waxing so the level of pain is tolerable and exciting to me. It somehow feels liberating to be waxed.
    Championing a passion for innovation and an eye for sassy, fun interiors, STRIP: Ministry of Waxing has rocked the world of waxing. Our pioneering HSQ mantra, symbolizes our devotion to the Holy Trinity of Waxing: Hygiene, Speed and Quality. STRIP was also the first salon to introduce the ‘No Double Dipping’ commandment. Our Hygiene Pack is justly legendary – each customer receives an individually sealed pouch containing disposable waxing equipment (including gloves, face masks, pH-balanced wet wipes and spatulas). 
    I've been to Sheena Bangsar and while it's cheaper, they didn't do a good job with my Brazilian Waxing (strays here and there), it was painful and rough maybe because it was closing time and they rushed the job. I did B.Wax (all off), 1/2 leg waxing, armpit and eyebrow threading there (total RM135). Nevertheless to say I will not go back there again and will stick to professional salons like Strip.

    welcome to Strip Bangsar, one of the waxing places I love
    (coz of the interior, service & orang utan)

    met Joanne Kam who's the marketing of Strip now!
    (she's the famous local female comedian)

    half-leg waxing (bottom) RM52.00

    Next on the itinerary was to go to Mandara Spa at Sunway Hotels. We had the luxury to be chauffeur driven by Uber (Black) from Bangsar to Sunway. I sat with Jean and JQ and we took the mandatory wefie together. Uber is no stranger now, and I hope they remains in Malaysia despite all the protests and complaints from competitors. The level of taxi services in Malaysia is a monstrosity and services like Uber, is slightly cheaper, more comfortable, cashless method with better service and better drivers with ethics and manners. Only downside is one has to have a smart phone, register for an account with a credit / debit card and a working wifi connection to be able to book a ride.
    Uber is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in hundreds of cities today, Uber's rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer.
    first time Uber users use my code bp1ke to get a free ride!

    Mandara Spa is a luxury spa hidden in Sunway. It's located amongst the lush greeneries next to the fame Villas by Sunway Resort Hotel. I know Xandria Ooi stayed and review The Villas along with her pampering session at Mandara Spa. As an avid spa goer, I know on top of my head my bucket list of spas to visit and Mandara Spa is in my top 10 list. I've visited this spa before so I was excited to relived the Mandara's touch again. This place is truly beautiful and serene. The prices of massages is that of hotels spas. Not overly pricey like YTL's Spa Village but above your average spa menu prices. For the price you're paying to be here, it's definitely a luxury reward to have a massage here.
    Blending unobtrusively to its natural surrounding and situated on the highest peak of the resort is Mandara Spa, where a repertoire of treatments elevates the body, mind and spirit to a state of pure bliss and inner peace. The Mandara Spa embraces a contemporary Asian ambiance and features two (2) spacious double spa suites complete with en-suite sunken bath and steam-shower room, five (5) single therapy suites, three (3) of which includes single spa suites with en-suite steam-shower room. It also boasts a reception area, a retail gallery, relaxation pavilions and a large scenic-verandah which frame a picturesque view of the resort’s shimmering lagoon and lush greenery. Other incredible leisure facilities at this integrated resort include a landscaped swimming pool, a fitness centre, tennis and squash courts, jogging track, a theme park which features the world’s largest surf-wave pool and a man-made beach, a golf-driving range, a mega shopping mall, a multitude of food & beverage facilities, trendy entertainment outlets and more.
    As part of the Beauty Guide experience, I was given the aromatherapy body massage for an hour. I requested to just do my back only as all my stress points are located there. The masseuses here are well trained, and polite. Very well mannered as well, and gentle as well with customers. My massage was so relaxing that I feel asleep!. 

    me & Arpita at Mandara Spa

    the Mandara Spa waiting lounge

    the massage room

    After half a day out pampering ourselves, the gang finally met up back in Bangsar (driven by Uber Black) for lunch at WIP. Found in Bangsar Shopping Center, this modern chic restaurant bar was what we needed to finally throw in the towels and just enjoy being together, chatting about our experiences over a specially designed menu by WIP introducing their signature dishes, drinks and new additions to play. This is my first time here and I was excited to try their creatively put together menu of fusion Western, Asian & Northern Indian dishes. It reminds me of that movie, One Hundred Foot Journey. 
    WIP... from once a “Work In Progress” to now “Whipped Into Place”, WIP is KL’s best-kept secret. Located at the prestigious Bangsar Shopping Centre, WIP is an international lifestyle destination with a coastal resort ambience. Its urban-tropic garden design provides the perfect ambience for an exceptional relaxing experience. Luscious cuisine featuring a hearty selection of Western, Asian and Northern Indian cuisine will more than satisfy the palate. The Clam Bar complements with innovative cocktails, premium champagnes, wines, spirits and features KL’s widest range of Mojitos. All these coupled with high service standards translate into all the right ingredients in making WIP a firm favourite.
    food tasting at WIP "Whipped into Place" Bangsar
    (once known for Work in Progress)

    :: Starters ::
    Bacalhau De Abras, School Prawn, Greek Berry Salad

    Bacalhau De Abras Creamy Portuguese salt cod fish with sweet potato chips was not to my liking not because it wasn't delicious but I have never been a big fan of fishes. This serves like a dip, the potato chips were crunchy and flavourful by it's own. The cod fish sauce, had chunks of cod fish in it. Creamy and strong with cod fish taste, I couldn't continue eating it.

    School Prawn Crispy prawn with chilli mayo & lemon dipping sauce was tasty! I can't help crunching on the yummy prawns and it's soft shell since they're baby prawns. Goes really well with the sauce. Perfect start.

    Greek Berry Salad Berry trio, red rafish, olives, crispy romaine, feta cheese, honey lemon binaigrette  was the winner for combining the love of sweet fruits with greens. A star for those health eaters in our gang. The generous amount of fruits balance the greens in the bowl, every bite delivers a fresh taste to our palate. My favourite salad to say so far because I love berries! (anti-oxidant yo!).

    :: Main Courses ::
    XO Fried Rice

    XO Fried Rice Supreme dried seafood, crab meat, kale, mango sauce & crispy fish skewer was DELICIOUS! The rice was not oily or greasy, wasn't moist or lumpy. Just my kind of rice. I love the seafood flavour but I don't see crab meat anywhere? I enjoyed eating this fried rice and now I am missing it lots!

    :: Main Courses ::
    Triple Trio Supreme
    Chicken Espatada

    :: Main Courses ::
    Beef Espatada

    Trip Trio Supreme Chicken sausage, chicken ham, grilled chicken, onion ring, cocktail onion, onion marmalade, mozzarella, cheddar & emmental cheese. Sounds too good to be true but I didn't get to try this pizza from their Pizza Kitchen so I reserve my comments for next time when I do.

    Beef Espatada Sirloin chunks marinated with garlic and traditional herbs was cooked to perfection. Medium rare, the sirloin was flowing with juices when I sink my teeth into it. Soft tender, succulent it was a steak pierced by Cupid's arrow. My favourite after the XO Fried Rice.

    Chicken Espatada Chicken breast and chicken thigh chunks marinated with jerk spices. After eating the Beef Espatada, the Chicken Espatada failed in comparison. I guess for the non-beef eaters, chicken would be an alternative. Grilled juicy and tender, the chicken goes well with the sauces prepared for us. I still prefer the beef.

    :: Desserts ::
    Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

    OH MY G***** this has got to be the best TIRAMISU I have ever eaten in my life! It's soft, creamy center sponged, Kahlua, everything just melts in your mouth when you close your eyes to feel the Tiramisu taking over your body. Oh this is really good, I kid you not. Definitely not halal since alcohol is used!

    I didn't like the Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice-cream though because I am not a big fan of chocolate and this was so chocolatey rich and bitter. No comments chocolate fans, sorry.

    Experience Beauty In Luxury
    sure the destination counts but it is the journey that matters

    Another waxing salon to check out is Apronbay who themed their salon after flight cabins. Their beauticians are walking cabin crews (air stewardess) with scarfs around their neck. How quaint! Their waxing rooms are flight doors leading to hot destinations around the world e.g Brazil, Shanghai, etc. Should you be excited to throw a girly party pretending to be on a holiday or going on one, or say becoming air stewardess yourselves, then this is one hot place to plan a party. 
    Apronbay is a beauty boutique with an Air Travel concept specialising in brow design and waxing. Our well-trained crew use only the highest quality of products in a luxurious, beautiful and exciting setting. The name, Apronbay, is an aviation term describing a reserved area on an airport runway to embark or disembark passengers, refuel and to be spruced up for the next journey. And like its namesake, Apronbay is THE beauty destination of choice where one can expect to receive the best in services and pampering beauty treatments…all in first class! 
    Waxing is not only their forte, they do nail care as well which is why I am here as my last Beauty Guide Trail destination. Definitely a nice end to my day out and about Klang Valley. I sat down, full from lunch at WIP and with a grin, started selecting my express pedicure nail colours. I choose a Summer-ish Zest colours of bright fresh green and yellow. 

    manicure stations, check out all the nail polish behind!

    my Summer pedicure colours, fruity?

    This concludes my Beauty Day Out with Beauty Guide Malaysia trail starting from Bangsar Coffee Bean to Sunway and back to Bangsar again. I love how they have planned the stops at popular beauty / spa locations carefully selected to impress us beauty bloggers (who knows a thing or two about the best places to go to). From head to toe, I say their selection of places is A+ in my books. If anyone were to know the best beauty spots to go to, then Beauty Guide knows it well :)

    Thank you for the beauty trail, I enjoyed visiting all the salons and meeting back the owners and people behind. Now I know a site that I could share my reviews with when I visit a beauty / spa destination in Malaysia.

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