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  • LA MAISON DE SENTEURS Gardenia Rose Body Wash Review


    Gardenia Rose Body Wash 200ml RM35

    Part two of my Marks & Spencer beauty haul (part one was the 3-in-1 body, room & linen fragrance mist). I decided to split my beauty hauls into parts just like Lord of The Rings. Depending on my mood actually, but I am determine to finish all three product reviews this week. It so happens today was the last squeeze on my Marks & Spencer Gardenia Rose Body Wash. I showers and make bubble baths with this product when I am in a romantic mood.

    Fyi, rose happens to be one of my favourite romantic blooms after peonies so I decided to add a touch of romance to my photos of the product today. With a dried up rose, white board and my phone camera, I peeled the petals and spread them around the product and snap away.

    I called it, the whirled wind romance of a rose that blooms and fades away into the Southern France.

    unwind with a fragrant floral body wash

    made of rose & aromatic oils of gardenia

    Anyway I hope you love my pictures, it's inspired review expression from using the product which I have used till the last squeeze now *sad*. I really like this body wash because of the soft sweet scent of roses. It's not overpowering not fake, but kind and soft like a delicate rose falling. Made with aromatic oils of gardenia to calm and unwind your senses, this conditioning body wash leaves the skin feeling cleansed and delicately fragranced. The chic packaging design is inspired by the traditional styles of Southern France and the tube is made of 25% recycle material.

    lathers well, softens the skin

    The texture is of a milky creamy liquid that lathers up pretty well in the shower. Used as a bubble bath, the bubbles are decent but there's no soapy feel to your waters. Bubbles last an hour for me. What I love about this body wash is that during shower, it makes my skin silky smooth and soft afters. That's what milky body wash do, hydrate our skin. The fragrance doesn't stay on the skin after drying. You still need body lotion afters if you're looking for total hydration control. This product is gentle so it's suitable for all skin types.

     delicate rose fragrant conditioning body wash

    You can purchase this from Marks & Spencer outlets in Malaysia, the beauty section. The LA MAISON DE SENTEURS Gardenia Rose Body Wash 200ml is really cheap at RM35!. I bought mine from Marks & Spencer 1 Utama. Will be trying out other scents beside Gardenia Rose when I go back again to visit.

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