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Marks & Spencer Rose Deodorant (Alcohol Free) Review


one of my favourite deodorant to speak

The final review from my shopping trip down Marks & Spencer's beauty corner where I got shocked from seeing the prices. Not shock from it being expensive, but it's really affordable that I can't believe my eyes. We know anything from the U.K would be priced to the nines but not for Marks & Spencer's beauty line. I picked up my favourite deodorant, the Rose Anti-Perspirant Roll-On (Floral Collection) at RM21.90 / 50ml (it's cheaper during sale). I'll explain why it's my favourite :)

3 reasons why this is my favourite all-time deodorant to use:

Reason #1 - Alcohol Free
Reason #2 - Rose Scented
Reason #3 - Last All Day Long

 the popular rose deodorant that goes out of stock!

Unlike other rose roll on, some can smell rather "chemical" or "strong". With this it's actually a pretty clean light rose scent. Marks & Spencer uses Rosa centifolia (rose) extract for this product which gives the fragrance of timeless English rose. This roll-on deodorant is alcohol free which is great for sensitive skin people like moi. Alcohol is drying and can irritate the skin especially when used for a long period of time. I prefer alcohol free products as my skin easily gets itchy :( and irritated.

This deodorant lasts all day long with a 24-hour protection so I stay fresh and rosey :D whole day *haha*. 

alcohol free deodorant with 24-hour protection 

it's suitable for all skin types

I know my mom would love this, she has sensitive skin like me too but then she's sensitive to fragrance as well so I hope to find a fragrance free deodorant for her the next visit to Marks & Spencer. This baby can last me months... maybe a year.

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