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Decorate Your Own BB Cushion Cover


Althea's Cushion Cover Deco Step-by-Step Guide

they even made a video to show how to!

Sometimes I am surprised by Althea Korea's creativity to snatch our hearts away. Already they're killing me with their prices and pink beauty box, now they're having a promotion where if you buy a cushion cover they'll give you a deco parts kit with glue to decorate your bb cushion. I didn't know how cute this would be until I saw their step-by-step guide. Sure I know all this while, girls has been decorating every single shit they own - camera, handphone, lipstick, bags, etc. Bling it, stick it, washi tape it, paint it anything.

The full light of how cute decorating your cushion cover didn't dawn on me until I see the pictures. Now I want one to personalise a cupcake, or candy covered BB cushion to show off *damn*. Althea strikes again. How many times will they drain my money?.

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  1. Many times T_T have been buying every month it seems.. 3 beauty box... So tempted with this one I started researching on cushion products

  2. Whoa! so creative la people nowadays...even the powder case also can transform into cup cakes and deco item. Good idea.

  3. suchhh a cute one! :D
    who would've thought even on beauty products!

    everything magical

  4. Seorang teman baik adalah seseorang yang menginspirasimu untuk menjadi versi terbaik dari dirimu sendiri. Ingat ini: Siapa pun yang membantumu saat kamu melakukan sesuatu setengah hati, bisa mendorongmu menjadi sepenuh hati melalui kebaikannya dan kerja sama yang baik, adalah teman sejatimu.

  5. Get it, Tammy! I saw those that include simpler kit of 'icing'.l and it isbso cute Not like the one shown. But you are their brand ambassador, do you still need to pay for the items too? I am sure they can arrange few things. :)

  6. this is the girly things that I like to do!! Probably how every girl like to do! Althea really understand girl =D

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