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Japan Beauty Trend: Onsen Hair Spa

the Japanese enjoys a healthy bath by going to the onsen
(onsen = hotsprings bath place)

I like to try new beauty stuffs whenever I can and there's this particularly one which I have tried early this year but took the longest time to blog about is the introduction of soda spas and CO2 hair wash in salons that's operated or influence by Japanese culture. From the healthy benefits of soaking in an onsen now your hair gets to be onsen-fied too.

watch this Japanese video on onsen hair spa

Now if you go to a Japanese salon like Daisuke Salon De Coiffure you will be surprise by the technology they're using from Japan. Promoting the use of CO2 Hair Spa a.k.a "Onsen Hair Spa" is the use of Carbonated water to wash your hair and scalp at RM28 promotion price (ask for it as an upgrade to your hair wash). The Japanese believe the CO2 hair spa improves blood circulation to your scalp, improving your scalp condition and hair. It works like a cleanse getting rid of all the oil, chemicals, silicones from use of hair products and chlorine from your hair. Your shampoo girl would be able to show you the yucky water gathered from your hair spa wash to make you go "OH MAI GAWD". With all that out of the way, your hair follicles would be able to breath finally "AHHHHH..... fresh hair.. cough cough *haze* cough" and take in nutritions easily.

Well all the goodness of a CO2 Hair Spa is said to be so good you'll never want to wash your hair normally again. Especially in our country where our water is too "hard" for our skin and hair making it dry, dull and brittle easily.
CO2 Scalp Spa is quite long history in Japan. CO2 boost up your blood circulation and it makes your hair flow much better. Once a while, we need to circulate the blood as healthy. It's like a muscle. If you don't use so long, doesn't perform well as normal. If you have scalp problem, we recommend once a week for 3 months. Then you will see amazing effect. After done the CO2 spa, we also recommend use our "Sparkling Shower" (Tonic from Japan) because your pores now are super clean and better blood circulation. Its chance for give nutrients into your scalp. Now the promotion for the CO2 is RM 28 (without wash & blow) - Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

Tansan Soda Spa Foam (Face/Scalp) RM100.00

Sparkling Spa Shower (Scalp Tonic) RM129.00

And should you be too lazy or cheapskate to go to a Japanese salon to get Onsen Hair Spa, just buy the Onsen inspired products made like Tansan Soda Spa Foam, Sparkling Shower, etc to do it at home. Created by Tansan a Japanese company, the popular zero chemical Tansan Soda Spa Foam sprays out thick whipped cream concentrated CO2 foam extracted from the hotsprings in Japan. You'll feel a warming sensation just like sitting in an onsen (blood circulation in action). Tansan products can be purchase from Daisuke Salon De Coiffure.

Tansan Soda Spa Foam (Face/Scalp) RM100.00
- Anti-aging agent
- Tightens the pores and prevents it from being exposed to air dust and dirt
- Cleanses clogged pores due to excessive oil on the face
- Eradicates harmful residues from sunblocks, sunscreens, face foundations and make-ups
- The natural CO2 in the Soda Spa Foam regenerates our corroded skin cells because it is rich in anti-oxidants

Sparkling Spa Shower (Scalp Tonic) RM129.00
- Improves blood circulation on the scalp
- Strenghtens the roots of the hair
- Very effective hair loss prevention tonic
- Re-activate dormant and damaged hair follicles
- Works well together with the Sparkling Scalp Dr (Scalp Shampoo)

Tansan Sparkling Scalp DR Shampoo (Scalp Shampoo) RM129.00
- Eradicates sebum, dandruff, clogged oil, hair dust and chemical residue
- A very good fix for people with oily scalp
- Improves blood circulation on the scalp
- Strengthens the roots of the hair
- Effective hair loss prevention
- It works well with the Sparkling Spa Shower (Tonic)

now you know why the hairy monyets like to onsen a lot

Still don't understand the benefits of onsen hair spa? Then this is my easy explanation. Onsen water dilates our blood capillaries to allow carbon dioxide to be absorb and expel as waste in our body. This increases more oxygen intake, moisture and nutrients to our skin as blood circulation increases and improves your metabolism.

The Onsen Hair Spa @ CO2 Hair Spa works the same way but it's for your scalp. The benefits includes cleansing away all the impurities from daily use of hair care products with chemicals and silicones which may clog  your hair pores, causing hair loss, dandruff, scalp problems. Cleaning your hair scalp is as important as exfoliating the dead skin on your face and removing make up and sunblock from your face at the end of the day to allow your skin to breath.

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Read all about Tansan hair care products & the benefits of CO2  here 

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  5. I also like to try brand new beauty things whenever I could and there is this especially one which We have tried earlier this year It is nice to read regarding the intro of soda pop spas as well as CO2 tresses wash within salons that is operated or even influence through Japanese tradition. As Japan believes that actual CO2 hair spa enhances blood circulation for your scalp, enhancing scalp problem and hair growth.

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