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All You Need To Know About SK-II's Beauty Bound Asia

 all you need to know about the Beauty Bound Asia competition

I'm so sad that I didn't join the SK-II Beauty Bound Asia Youtube competition that went on in August (screams & throw pillows) but I'm happy seeing my fellow blogger sisters joining the competition and most of them got into the semi-finals! Of all beauty brands, you wouldn't have imagine luxury skin care brand SK-II would embark on a online beauty talent search to find the top beauty content creator from South East Asia. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be recognise and learn from the best beauty gurus on youtube like Michelle Phan and work with beauty brands #youtubecinderella.

First off, if you are a SK-II fan you'd notice they have been campaigning the #ChangeDestiny which resonates to my life philosophy. Change Destinty is a movement by SK-II to inspire women to change their own destiny, regardless of the "lil dictators" in their life. As such, the Beauty Bound Asia competition is just the right movement to inspire women of the digital age - youtubers / social media beauty lovers to go forth and claim their destiny (with the help of SK-II).

I'm using SK-II's "miracle water" their best seller

I'm not just some blogger that suddenly talks about SK-II. Well over my 30s (will not reveal my real age) I have been using SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence which is todate my favourite SK-II product which helps to renew, balance and moisturise my face. It has the highest concentration of the "miracle" ingredient Pitera (over 90%) found in all SK-II product, which makes it my favourite product to use.

What it does is basically is to help restore the skin's vital balance by promoting the skin's renewal process (28-day cycle). The ingredients are a cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that the skin drinks immediately upon application. Dubbed the heart of every SK-II Skincare ritual, the Facial Treatment Essence is their best-selling product to date. With daily use, skin becomes more supple, smooth and radiant.

How To Use?
Soak a cotton pad and gently smooth onto your face for 1 minute. Turn the cotton pad around and gently pat onto your face and neck for another minute. Apply every morning and night after cleansing and toning.


what is the Beauty Bound Asia competition?

With exciting time-based challenges, mentorship programs and workshops curated and led by top beauty influencers in Asia and industry experts, Beauty Bound Asia is a ground-breaking initiative designed to help discover and cultivate the next generation of online beauty experts.

“SK-II recognizes the fast paced landscape of modern beauty and the growing importance of digital beauty influencers. As part of our brand’s #changedestiny philosophy, we’re proud to be part of this opportunity to support, empower and grow the creator community further, and authentically engage with the next generation of beauty experts.” - Seth Sandeep, Chief Marketing Officer, SK-II Global Beauty Bound Asia will be open to all legal residents of 11 cities where the contest is taking place including Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, and Sydney. As part of this program, YouTube and top YouTube stars will be supporting this initiative by offering skill-building workshops for Beauty Bound Asia finalists.

watch the video introduction to understand

“At YouTube we’re always looking to find new ways to empower people to create, broadcast, and share. By offering YouTube workshops for Beauty Bound Asia, we hope to inspire and support the next wave of online beauty and fashion creators across Asia.” – David Powell, Director, YouTube Online Partner Development, Asia Pacific.

the Beauty Bound Asia Coaches

Coaches include the original beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan, with over 7.8 million followers on YouTube and over 1.9 million on Instagram. Michelle has always been a passionate supporter of the global beauty creator community. In addition to co- founding ipsy, the world’s largest online beauty focused community, she has also been a huge creative force for Beauty Bound; personally designing a number of the beauty creator challenges, and mentoring and judging the finalists from each city in the Tokyo program finale.

The rest of the region’s top beauty creators have also extended their support as coaches, with talented beauty gurus like Sasaki Asahi (Japan), Calary Girl (Korea), Momay (Thailand), and Wengie (Australia) amongst many others.

the perks of winning this competition

the stages of competition

The contest held in August welcomes anyone over 21 years old who are passionate about beauty and have the beauty expertise to share. They must be creative and original with a passion to improve their video creation skills. Open to any legal resident from 11 cities Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore,Jakarta, and Sydney to join. No prior experience needed.

Make-up artist KF Bong showing contestants the right way of applying foundation

Some of the contestants with the SK-II products
which they’re supposed to try as part of the challenge

73 contestants who made it to Phase 1 of the challenge

the 30 contestants that made it to Phase 2 congrats!

For Malaysia, 73 contestants made it to the Phase 1 Challenge which was held at Quill City Mall on 12th Sept. They lucky girls each receive a box of SK-II products worth RM2,000 to continue their video challenge at home. This challenge requires them to do an unboxing and sharing about the products to qualify for Phase 2 Challenge where 30 finalists will move forward. I'm freaking jealous of all of them but I hope to see the best two make it to the finals in Tokyo on 7th Nov and show the world what Malaysia's beauty gurus has to offer. 

I will be attending the semi-finals this 3rd Oct @ Ruyi & Lyn, BSC to find out which 2 of the 30 shortlisted contestants make it to the finals in Tokyo @ 7th Nov. Ganbatte Kudasai  頑張ってください to all my friends in this competition! Rooting for you girls (fighting).

More info on Beauty Bound Asia:

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