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    Calling all Narsissist. You're going to love the latest two eye products released by NARS this Fall 2015. Introducing the Audacious Mascara and Kohliner now available at all NARS boutique in Malaysia. I had the first hand to try the products at NARS first flagship boutique in the heart of the city. Located at concourse of KLCC, opposite MAC Cosmetics. The 3rd NARS boutique is designed with sleek and sharp lines by Founder and Creative Director François Nars and Fabien Baron, of New York design firm Baron & Baron.

    NARS flagship boutique in KLCC

    NARS flagship boutique in KLCC

    NARS flagship boutique in KLCC
    (left - private room, right pics - nars boutique)

    the audacious mascara now in stores

    the NARS fashion inspired boutique

    My first impression of the brightly lit boutique? It's so NARS. You can find three main colour palettes being played here, all symbolising the iconic NARS dominance in the fashion runaway. The red? if you find it familiar is the same red as NAR's iconic Jungle Red lipstick. Glossy makeup stations, floor to ceiling glass cubes and luxurious polished marble floors, the whole boutique just screams "I am NARS flagship boutique". The one, the only, centre of attention NARS boutique.

    flash makeover using audacious mascara + kohliner

    the game changer : this may be your ultimate mascara dream
    pink bristles shows the monster design but the
    darker than black formula coats the bristles BLACK

    Whisked away to a private makeup room at the back of the boutique, my jaw dropped at the small but seemingly spacious room specially designed for a great show to unveil. Deck with NARS products, and full vanity mirror, you're going to feel like a VIP in here.  Indeed I felt intimidated with the attention of the room. If I was a vampire, I would die from the brightly lit boutique upon walking in. My blood would be red like Jungle Red lipstick and black smoke would filled the air, which is inspired by the black smokey creamy kohliner which made it to my favourite. Reasons being will be explained soon right after I introduce what the Audacious Mascara is all about.

    the Audacious Mascara & Kohliner
    Audacious Mascara RM110 (Black Moon)

    Designed with over 200 molded bristles and lengthening hooks. The plastic rubbery bristles looks like a parasite beast from Amazon with teeth that lashes and grips on to its prey (your eyelashes). When you apply the mascara, it grips evenly and coats from the roots to the tips effortlessly while separating, lengthening and amplifying your lashes. The tapered tip is used to finish off the hard to reach inner, outer and lower lashes. And you don't see any ugly clumps as you re-apply to build up the intensity thanks to it's unique fluid formula, which is the first in the market to offer such layering that results in intensity while being lightweight and long lasting.

    In short the Audacious Mascara is easy to use, coats with ease with its ultra black, smooth fluid formula to lengthen and volumize at the same time. Long lasting without smudging (it's now after 6 hours and still good). I have removed it with cleansing oil, which to my surprise was easy to clean off. If you are a mascara junkie, you may need to throw away all your mascaras for this one.


    Kohliner RM96 (Black)

    However it is the Kohliner that took my heart away and that's because I have always been a fan of kohl eyeliners due to it's smooth and easy to use formula. The eyeliner is creamy, concentrated matte-black formula smokes out lash lines and defines waterlines with soft precision. Buildable. Blendable. Bold. Gentle to the eyes (I've sensitive eyes which flickers to any tugging), it was gliding along my my eyes and the MUA smudge it just a bit to create a smokey day look. Which is not too smokey, but enough to make my eyes pop!. 

    Somewhat like when you use Meitu, you notice your eyes become bigger with some "shadow". I asked if this is smudge proof because in the past, when I use kohl eyeliners, they tend to make me look like panda after a few hours. MUA says it's smudge free after letting it to set for a few minutes. It is not waterproof.

    NARS Audacious Mascara and Kohliner is priced at RM110 and RM96 respectively and is now available at all NARS boutique - Pavilion, Mid Valley Megamall and Gurney Plaza.

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