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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Superdry Pavillion KL VIP Day


    retail therapy bulan September

    Last Tuesday, the gang and I went to Superdry's VIP Day at Pavillion, KL. The shop was closed just for VIP members to enjoy shopping after the emcees introduce the highlights of the day which is 20% storewide discount but it was not applicable for any other in-store promotions or to be used with your membership card benefits. The in store promotion was RM50 OFF RM250 and RM100 OFF RM450 which was good until I found out it's not a off your purchase promotion. The RM50/RM100 is a voucher given for your next purchase so that deterred a lot of us from going all the way. It would have been super if the 20% can be used together, then I would've shopped over RM450.

    storewide 20% discount on this day

    Superdry Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

    fashion tips, makan-makan, shopping = shopaholic's dream

    Anyway the membership benefits are not bad for this brand considering their merchandise is quite expensive premium (I love expensive brands haha!). No denying the quality of products are good and their British design with spirit of Japan makes them really cool to own. I mengsiahsuehkan (memalukan) myself thinking it's a Japanese brand when it's actually a UK brand.

    we spent money T_T cries everyone bought something

    me trying to make up my mind between the bag, cap or top

    finally decided on the cap RM129  + t-shirt RM165
    (I think I look like baseball girl here)

    Superdry Malaysia membership joining fees is RM30 for first year and annual renewal fees is RM25. Drop by Pavillion KL and Mid Valley to find out more information from the friendly Superdry peeps. Here's the benefits of owning a card:
    • 10% Off Your Purchases All Year
    • One Time Privileges (guna satu kali sahaja)
      > 20% Off Your Purchase
      > 30% Off Your Birthday
      > Complimentary T-Shirt with RM500+ Purchase
      > RM100 Off Any Outerwear
    Fine print: All membership privileges are valid one year only and cannot be redeemed during sale periods or in conjunction with any other promotions.

    Still I find the brand name really funny, we were all making fun of each other going Superdry? Superdry! Supeeeeerrrdrrryyyyyy.... yeap sue us for being so hamsup (gatal).

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