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  • Hey Look Ma! I sat in a JAGUAR!


    the day I got lucky with a Jaguar!
    (saja letak logo to make it look cool)

    Remember I blog about GrabCar's August Merdeka promotion where rides would be 31% off and lucky passengers might have a chance to ride in luxury cars released by Grab Car for FREE to their booked destination? I was one of the lucky passengers who got a JAGUAR driver *yippeee jumps up and down like maniac*. That Saturday morning, I think it was nearly the end of August I decided to go shopping at Avenue K H&M (because they have H&M home, I wanted to see if I could deco my room). I booked GrabCar (economy) and suddenly a big nice shiny silver car arrive in 10mins.

    omg this is economy? no it's the luxury GrabCar!!!

    gosh my first time sitting in a Jaguar
    (when will I own one? T_T)

    kena bergaya sikit macam orang atas in the leather interior (omg)

     I reach Avenue K H&M

    I took so many selfies of myself but most pictures came out blur due to the ride :( but I think I got some nice shots still as memory. I think anyone would go crazy selfie-ing if they get to sit in a luxury car like Jaguar. Lucky I wore my sunglasses coz I just woke up and threw whatever that I have hanging on - black long cardigan, black singlet, denim hot pants and my K-pop cap which hides my messy just woke up hair. Mana tau I look not bad pulak in my selfies dressing like that Ho Ho Ho.

    I reach H&M in about 15 mins since it was a Saturday afternoon but damn, not many people around in the entrance to see me come out of a Jaguar (disappointed). Sorry so perasaan right? haha. I proceeded to go in and do some shopping. Spent a good 2-hours there selfie-ing more. I was kinda sad that my boyfriend Gareth went back Ireland and I had no one to accompany me anymore for weekends. The first thing I did was go on retail therapy to cure my sadness HAHAHA #contributingtoeconomy. 

    I bought this oversized knitted sweater
    (makes me look slim & sexy)

     and tried on other fall 2015 collections

    donating money to H&M

    Sitting in the Jaguar must have made me feel like I'm a millionaire suddenly coz I spent over RM500 in clothes shopping at H&M that Saturday. Some pieces which I regret buying (ala...normal right regret after buy). Should've bought that Paddington Bear jacket to go bergaya in Genting Highlands instead. Anyway I bought a three t-shirt, a black pants, that sweater, another cardigan, and a cute sports shorts for RM500++ not bad. Gareth (cries) please come back soon before I go bankrupt doing retail shopping every weekend.
    Tips for chubby chicks like me. Knowing what works for your body shape is handy when you go shopping for clothes. I found out for my shape, I am more suited to layering with cardigans and singlets while wearing shorts. Soft layering helps to make us look balance for our size. I also prefer bigger / wider neck collars so it doesn't make me look like stuffed potato. A wider collar balances our wide shoulder / top. I like really big ones where you can even show your shoulder off and big V necks. Detest those small collars. I also like big big sweaters and tops! but of course, the type of material and cutting is important to avoid looking like a tent. I now shop at H&M coz their clothes cutting is big and there's plus size corner as well. Their cardigans is also big enough :D
    Thank you GrabCar for making ur customers so happy in August. I hope there's many more lucky passengers who got to sit in a Jaguar and pretend to be a star for a day.

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    1. Why didn't you get that paddington bear jacket?!?! T_T it looks really good on you

      1. nearly rm300 T_T so I didn't buy.....

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    2. I love your mix and match style. Would u coach me? Hohoho, xoxo

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