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Test Shots Using HTC INK (One M9) Camera


can you believe these were taken with a phone?

Finally I said goodbye to my HTC Desire Eye phone and switch to the HTC Ink which is a limited edition model of the HTC One M9+ featuring an unique tattoo design by Cally Jo. The face of HTC Ink's commercial is none other than Jourdan Dun. What I love about the HTC Ink is that it embraces art, design and individuality. As a person who appreciates design and creativity, I find this inspiring and beautiful. I now now a proud owner of the gold HTC Ink, the only one available in Malaysia. Throwing away my cameras to experiment and create my own photographs using just the HTC Ink (One M9+) to show how you can embrace life with just one phone alone.

Check out my first few photographs (above) done using this phone. It was captured around 6pm outside my balcony floor on a piece of white paper.

I'll be bringing this baby on my Bali trip year end to capture more incredible shots of sunsets, night scene (because it happens to be a great for low light captures) and my travelogue. I will also share more on my next post about the HTC One M9+ if anyone is considering this phone :)

say hello to my HTC Ink (gold) the only one available in Malaysia

Jourdan Dunn HTC Ink Ambassador

Supermodel Jourdan gets INKED

Jourdan Dunn is a ground-breaking star of international high fashion runways and magazines, with an approachable street style and a personal love of body art, Jourdan is the ideal choice to launch this style-led Limited Edition device, which capitalises on the global trend for body art, in both permanent and temporary forms.
Cally-Jo is a British tattooist who also specialises in detailed pencil drawings. 
She trained at Winchester School of Art, focusing her talents on creating highly sought-after pieces of body art after graduating with a first class honours. In her rapidly growing career, Cally-Jo has built an impressive portfolio of clients including Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Tim Howard, Alexandra Burke, Huey Morgan, Professor Green and Slipknot. 
Her unique and detailed designs have been featured in the likes of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar as well as advertising campaigns for luxury fashion houses Chanel, Balmain and Christian Dior.
The HTC One M9 (RRP RM2,168.87) features a 20MP main camera with an UltraPixel front camera provides photo and imaging control like never before. Both front and back camera are 20MP so it allows you to capture incredible photographs from whichever side. Learn more about HTC Ink here.
  • Enjoy incredible images from both sides of the HTC One M9.
  • Its high-res main camera is a 20MP F2.2/27.8mm lens that records video in incredible 4K Ultra HD.
  • The HTC One M9 features an HTC UltraPixel™ front-facing camera built to capture maximum ambient light for low light selfies and group pics that show more details, and more smiles.
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