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  • Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co 1Utama


    freshly brewed heaven espresso RM8

    Being a resident to the lovely 1Utama next door to my neighbourhood, I came across a newly opened coffee cafe on my way to TGV 1Utama. Nestled on the second floor, near the escalators you won't miss this fresh, bright and vibrant coffee stop called Infusion: Specialy Coffee Co. I'm no expert in drinking coffee, in fact I'll be honest here. I drink coffee because I enjoy the finer pleasures in life. Being able to sip a cup of hot coffee, typing away on my Macbook Air at an inspiring place. Oh and yes coffee keeps me awake.

    Tip: This place has been recommended for good coffees by my coffee loving freakish friends.

    Infusion: Specialy Coffee Co. 1Utama

    Flat White RM11, an infusion house blend

    Cafe Latte RM11

    filter coffee anyone? they serve 2 types :) 
    (Ethiopia Yirghaceffe Gelena Abaya & Kenya AA Kiambu Getare
    roasted by Coffex Coffee Roasters)

    I met the co-founder of Infusions, Douglas Tan a coffee enthusiast and espresso connoisseur. He shared a great deal about coffee, beans and his pursuit in the bean industry. Infusions as he explained, is a fusion between mainstream and coffee chain, conceptualised to introduce quality ingredients (which explains for the slight pricier tag) at a contemporary modern environment for coffee lovers to enjoy their daily dose of happiness. Douglas also shared that there's no sugar added in their coffee.

    If you catch him there, feel free to chat him up about good coffee. He'll tell you the difference between a good one, a brewed one and an introduction to their house blends. He plans to hold coffee workshops here, to educate his customers all about coffee. When I asked how much would he charge for such classes, he thought for a while but unsure and said RM50.

    FYI there are two types of espresso beans served here, the first their Symphony house blend 
     roasted by Coffex Coffee Roasters and Toraja Single Origin roasted by Sprezzatura Small Batch Coffee Roasters.

    and my all time favorite Angelic White Chocolate RM13

    with a twist of course, take a look at the coco nibs *gosh*

    Let's talk about the Angelic White Chocolate shall we?, I love the milky white chocolate heaven that lingers in my mouth, still remembering how it made me smile sheepishly when I first had a sip. This would be perfect before going to bed, you know how mom always say a cup of warm milk with cookies before bedtime for a dreamy time. Likewise this Angelic White Chocolate is nothing but dreamy *smiles*. I love the fact this place puts in a bit of creativity with their signature creations. The white chocolate came with a stirrer, coco nibs and Belgium white chocolate kisses. Highly recommended to try, if you like your white chocolate milky, light and flavourful to the taste. The intensity increases with each coco nibs and Belgium chocolate kisses you playfully add.

    If white chocolate ain't your thing, then you should try their Sinful Dark Chocolate RM13. The only difference? it comes with Belgium chocolate kisses and soon Infusions will introduce 75% dark chocolate for those bitter sweet lovers.

    Affogato RM14 a playful mix of hot & cold
    (pour the espresso shot on top & see it melt!)

    Another of my favourite because I'm such a sucker for ice-cream is the Affogato. The one served here at Infusions also comes with a twist just like the Angelic White Chocolate I had. Served on a platter with your very own double espresso to pour over the Australian vanilla ice-cream, chocolate pearls and praline flakes this is one order to play up your taste buds with your lover.

    Key Lime Pie RM14

    Vanilla Mille Crepe RM12

    Assorted Macarons
    regular flavours RM4.50 per pc
    seasonal flavours RM5 per pc
    musang king durian RM7 per pc

    Desserts? Say yes because the cakes here are hot items on the menu. You will be happy to know that some of their best selling cakes comes from Just Heavenly Cakes. They're gone the moment they arrived at the store so pray that you're lucky to spot them first. Their cake list? Mocha Cheese RM12, Salted Caramel Fudge, Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Banana, Choc & Cheese / Key Lime Pie, Red Velvet / Carrot Walnut, Othello Cheesecake all at RM14 and lastly cheesecakes at RM16 (classic, blueberry & strawberry).

    I particularly like the Key Lime Pie, it has a sourish, sharp tangy taste. Just melts in my mouth. I also tried the Red Velvet which was light not sugary, just heavenly. Delightful to eat, paired with coffee. Their Vanilla Mille Crepe was so creeeaaaammmyyyyyy.  There's 10 flavours served here but depends on availability.

    P.S: I'm not a fan of macarons, my love is for Laduree only *hehe*.

    ice coffee anyone?

    Hope my sharing today makes you want to hop over to Infusions for some good coffee. I'll definitely come back for the Angelic White Chocolate and Just Heavenly Cakes (don't need to go Bangsar to makan this wei). They currently have two outlets with a third one opening soon. Many thanks to me kawans Isaac & Ivy from #cafehoppingmalaysia who introduce me to this place :)

    Infusion: Specialy Coffee Co.
    Lot SK-108, 2nd Floor,
    1Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing),
    Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
    Tel No:  03-7732 7455
    Open Daily from 10:00am - 10:00pm 

    Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co.
    Lot UG-29A, Level UG, Setia City Mall,
    Setia Eco Park, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam
    Open Daily from 10:00am - 10:00pm 

    Facebook: Infusion: Specialty Coffee Co

    Editor & Writer: Tammy Miu
    Photographer: Jeremiah Teoh

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    1. Omg, the coffee looks great and thank god OU is just a 5 mins drive from my home. Great post Tammy! xo


      1. thanks Marsya! You live 5mins drive away? omg.. I live 5mins drive away too if there's no traffic light to wait hahahha. Where about?!

    2. everything looks so goooooodddd make me wanna go there right now haha

      Najlaa 'Aqilah

      1. XD it is good..... the white chocolate is soooo yummyyy

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