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  • An Evening with Mon Cheri: The Launch of Le Fleur de Lis (LilyCollection)


    Mon Chéri Brings the French’s Passion for Beautiful Skin

    The final quarter of the year seems to be full of romance. Never have I expected to fall in love with someone (let's call him Mr.Big, just like Sex & The City) after a traumatizing break up. I guess that's what they say about love, it happens the least you expected of it. I smile funny when I am alone thinking about him, blush like a schoolgirl when I see his text and my heart just melts when he utters the three words, 8 letters. God so help me, I'm hopelessly in love.

    Like Mon Cheri's tagline, "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved" as I discover today at the media launch of Mon Cheri's Le Fleur de Lis (Lily Collection) I can't help but agree. The beautiful scent of white lilies (my favorite flower) was enveloping. I smile sheepishly upon having a hand massage from one of the lovely ladies there demonstrating the use of the moisturizer from the collection.

    What more could a girl want? white lilies, candles, beautifully packaged products that reminds us of the cute lil boxes when we shop in France. Now all this is available from Mon Cheri, a new skincare line formulated in France designed to accentuate a woman's natural beauty.

    mon cheri means my darling or my dearest

    the perfect place to sweep us off our feet

    candles, flowers & pretty boxes can be seen everywhere

    from left to right: the introduction to Mon Cheri
    Caroline Oi, CEO of Mon Cheri, Serena C, emcee
    & Marine Moncaut, French Cultural Professional

    I met Caroline Oi, the CEO of Mon Cheri Essentials who explained the key ingredient in Le Fleur de Lis is white lily which has excellent moisturizing and regenerating properties to hydrate, sooth and soften skin. "Madonna lily extract is used in all Le Fleur de Lis products as it has exceptional hydrating and emollient properties (polysaccharides) that enhances the natural beauty of all skin type," she said.

    The Le Fleur de Lis, Lily Collection by Mon Cheri

    I asked her if she has any plans to expand her business to outlets from www.moncheriessentials.com. She said it would be in the near future and Malaysia has been chosen as the first country to launch Mon Cheri. After all, Caroline Oi is Malaysian and home is where the love starts budding. Singapore and other ASEAN countries would soon follow after.

    how could I not fall in love with this brand?

    My heart flutters the moment I saw the range of products being displayed tastefully for all to admire. I love the packaging, the desert rose strips against the white background and a ribbon logo. The packaging is made of cardboard, so you feel "France" in your fingers the moment you slide them open. Simple packaging that is costs effective couple with quality ingredients is what makes Mon Cheri an lovable brand.

    The collection has 4 collections for 4 different skin types, so anyone from the age of 18 - older can experience Mon Cheri's line of products that is free from SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), Paraben, Linolin, Mineral Oil and fragrance free. The scent comes from the use of essential oils in the collection.
    • for normal to combination skin
    • for oily skin
    • for dry & sensitive skin
    • for aging & sun damage skin

    During the launch, Caroline said cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three basic fundamentals in a proper skincare regime to obtain glowing, healthy skin. As such, her white lily collection set comes with the three essential products - cleansing, toning & moisturizing. I tried them during the Le Fleur de Lis sampling session to have a feel of what Mon Cheri is about.

    [Gentle Cleanser 180ml RM80]
    Enriched with botanical extracts, oil control sebum and mild surfactants, the gentle cleanser removes dirt, oil and other impurities from the skin effectively, while helping to improve overall skin appearance, texture and firmness. 

    [Toner 180ml RM96]
    The toner is a gentle exfoliator that leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple while removing impurities as it prepares and tones the skin for moisturizing.

    [Moisturizer 50ml RM125]
    This contains various ingredients (including watermelon fruit extracts) that helps in maintaining the skin's suppleness, increasing moistures level and at the same time repairing the skin's cell tissue, while preventing anti-aging, skin conditions. It is nourished with vitamins and agents to leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 

    hand massage using the Le Fleur de Lis moisturizer

    cleanse, tone & moisturized - the essential skincare regime

    canapes, fruit juices & mocktails while admiring the products

    the romance begin with food (not surprised!)

    sweet nothings to woo our heart away

    assorted canapes welcome our tongue in hopes of seducing us

    I'm giving away this lovely set worth RM280 to one (1) lucky reader!

    My verdict? I am seriously in love with everything Mon Cheri has to offer. From their packaging to their products, everything seem to just reminds me of romance in France. During the Le Fleur de Lis sampling session, I was impressed that their products were free from harmful chemicals and that their toner is alcohol free. The first thing that caught my heart? The scent of white lilies, it just smells so heavenly like I'm being transported to a villa resort where white lilies filled the room. I could just sleep with this scent alone.

    gorgeous packaging, just perfect for any girl this Christmas

    Everything about Mon Cheri is to love and be loved so I'm going to follow true to this motto and give one (1) lucky reader this Christmas, Mon Cheri's latest collection, the Le Fleur de Lis (white lily collection set worth RM280) for normal to combination skin. The set comes with 3 essential products - gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

    Giveaway starts from now until 16th November, 2014 (midnight). Open to Malaysian residents only. Leave a comment with the following details:

    Follower ID: (please follow my blog)
    Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?

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    1. Oh, Mon Cherie! From the packaging to the product concept! I love it! Well, especially after Bourjois hit Malaysian market, I have a feeling the next one would be skincare brand! It's great to know that the brand offers to all kinds of skin type and 3-step skincare is definitely something that you want to go to as it's easy to follow.
      Anyway, here's my details:
      ID: Nuraini Munira J.
      Email: lemieletlavanille@gmail.com
      call me bias but I love French culture. For having skincare originated from that country is definitely something that has been desired for a long time.
      Non-alcohol products is a very important feat on my choice of skincare so big yes to that! I have a normal-combination skin type and hopefully this will work on my skin! Well, that's presumptuous but I'm crossing my fingers!
      By the way, thanks so much for doing this giveaway!! xx, Mira

    2. Very pretty packaging, even the CEO looks gorgeous! your blog post is so lovey-dovey la :3
      Follower ID: Swee San
      E-mail: swee.san(at)gmail.com
      You know, people say that your skin glows when you are in love (or when u are pregnant but in this case, it's not it) I like how Mon Cheri is heading that way, sending romance, making the heart flutter with the scent of white lilies and oh-so-pretty packaging. <3

    3. Follower ID: mdmkillemall
      Name: Nur Aslina Mohd Ramli
      E-mail: mdmkillemall@gmail.com
      Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia? The obvious thing i could say when i see this product in your blog was Wow!! The pastel color, the packaging, the review given by you, such a beauty! I MUST have this!!

    4. Follower ID: lauraleia
      Name: Laura Lee
      E-mail: Laura1990my [at] hotmail.com
      I've never heard of Mon Cheri skincare before, but from what I've read from your post, it seems like a pretty amazing brand. I have always stuck to the basics of skincare, and this one sounds absolutely lovely and a dream to use. I like how it has the scent of lilies (I love floral stuff) and even the packaging is so pretty; it'll make me feel happy just looking at it and using it every day. :D

    5. Follower ID: Miyuki Kiki
      Name:miyuki leong

      i love the packaging!so vintage and romantic... i think the price range is affordable,and what attracted me the most is that the products are free from harmful chemicals and alcohol free,so environmental friendly! Definitely going to try it out!

    6. Follower ID: rebecca
      Name: Rebecca Hii
      E-mail: rebeccahww@gmail.com
      Question: To be honest, I've never heard of this brand before but I do love their packaging and of course your information on this product makes me want to try this product range!!! :D

      Thanks Tammy. (:

    7. Follower ID: Catherine K
      Name: Catherine Khor
      E-mail: shih_ck@gmail.com
      Question: My first impression, it's French and the packaging is classy and beautiful with its pastel colors. Price range is not that bad either. I will definitely give it a try as it does attract my attention. It's the ingredients and the out come after using it that matters.

    8. Hye Tammy

      I love the simplicity yet elegant of the design of Mon Cheri.

    9. Follower ID: うさぎ-usagi
      Name: Lem Annie
      E-mail: alyy0406@gmail.com
      Question: 1st thing come to my mind when I hear Mon Cheri is that the Mon Cheri chocolate from France. I love Mon Cheri chocolate very much! What attract me on this Mon Cheri skin care products is free from SLS, paraben, linolin, mineral oil and fragrance. I think this Mon Cheri's skin care product will have the same effect like when eating a Mon Cheri's chocolate where the cherry fav liquor will surprised you! :)

    10. My First Impression:
      O Mon Cherie, je t'adore! The chic, pastel packaging is such an eye candy. Not too pinky, not too girly - me likey! Plus, not only the outside looks adorable, the inside is equally magnifigue. No SLS, Paraben, Linolin, Mineral Oil and fragrance free? Count me in, baby. In Audrey Hepburn word, happy girls are the prettiest. Mon Cherie totally nails it!

      p/s: Not related to the giveaway, but Tammy, Mr. Big?! You sneaky, sexy baby! Congrats, girl! :D

      Follower ID: Jenny Fleur
      Name: Wan Nurul Jannah binti Md Isa
      Email: jannahmdisa@gmail.com

    11. Follower ID: MISS IKA


      E-mail: ikathequeen@yahoo.com

      I think Mon Cheri come with the great idea that offer skincare that free from harmful chemicals and alcohol. I'm attracted to skincare that don't consist of any harmful chemicals and alcohol free. Not only me I think other women will be attracted to Mon Cheri Skincare. The packaging is simple but with stripe pink make it a a must to grab for my collection. I have a combination skin <3. Could I have it as my advance Christmas gift? <3

    12. Follower ID: Rebecca wong
      Name: Rebecca Wong
      E-mail: rebecca.wong.ying@gmail.com

      I love the packaging design of Mon Cheri - it's so girlie and French! It's good that their skincare are free from harmful chemical and alcohol, and I think it will be a good option for ladies who want to try something new. Thanks in advance for my birthday and Christmas gift! *wink*

    13. Follower ID: prince n princess mum
      Name: Kylie
      E-mail: cre8tone@yahoo.com
      Question: It looks very attractive and definitely making people wanting to try on it!

    14. Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia

      I am not trying to over-exaggerate things, but I have always loved and chose white Lily flowers, over roses. (My Valentine is only complete with my favorite flower <3) If someone in my life were to propose with white lilies, I would definitely say yes. Hahaha. I first heard of Mon Cheri online and could not resist landing my hands on them. I've got the opportunity to try their samples and Boy! They are the cutest things you can ever imagine! The fact that they paid so much attention to the sample packaging details already prove that they value their products, even to the simplest form. They have already won my first impression with perfect score because they are made of my favorite white lilies. The packaging is so sweet and with such excellent quality, I am sure that this product will be well received globally.

      Follower ID: Juneci Siong
      Name: Juneci Siong :)
      E-mail: juneci.siong@gmail.com

      (I realized my name is so repetitive XD)

    15. Follower ID: Read At no Cost
      Name: Lee Yun Kiew
      E-mail: lyksell@yahoo.com.my
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia? Not sure if it is Tammy, my heart is filled with romance, warm .... and sweet ... can't stop that kind of feeling Mon Cheri's brings ... maybe is Tammy who write it so 'sweetly' ... I can imagine I will feel of being in love and being 'loved' when i apply the product ... one by one ... filled with the aroma ...

    16. Follower ID: Cindy Tong
      Name: Cindy tong

      Answer: Being a floral lover my heart skipped a bit the moment I saw your picture posted on my fb feeds.... In addition it's lilies my favourite flowers among all... I love sleeping with lilies scent lingering in my room and you are just right that it give you a feeling that you are actually in France. It does remind me everything in Paris that romantic rosy colour stripss, the paper cardboard packaging, that ribbon and those floral scent I'm in love really...Mon Cheri had stolen my heart away with their lovely product packaging and that scent are to die for really..... ahhh how i wish to have this collection displaying on my rack!! love admiring beautiful packaging every morning when I wake up!! till then Au revoir, mon amour

    17. Hi Tammy! Omgosh my adrenaline pumped up so fast once I saw this GA you know!!

      Follower ID: Pinku No Sakura
      Name: JiaJia
      E-mail: jiajiaree@hotmail.com
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?
      My Answer: You know, I love Japanese Liz Lisa Gyaru, and to learn that this Mon Cherry latest collection was named Le Fleur De Lis, omgosh that's remind me of the word "Liz Lisa"!! Btw, the packaging is the sweetest ever!! It looks so sweet & classy, Just like how I adore Candy Doll's packaging very much!! And to realize that the price is also above RM50 for every products listed, it seems that this product serve the best quality for the skin!! I love its name too, "Mon Cherry" it just sounds very cute to me like fuwa fuwa!! Arhhhhh!! *Scream in excitement" *shiawase* ^_^

      Thanks for the GA Tammy!

    18. Follower ID: Pinky Tze
      Name: Jesslyn T.
      E-mail: pinkiish_lyn@hotmail.com

      Question: I'm actually a person that is very obsessed with skin care products as my skin condition changes every time. So, I always look out for skin care products that suit my skin type and of course also cure the problems that I have now. The brand Mon Cheri attracts me as it does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, linolin, mineral oil, paraben and fragrance. Which means it would definitely not irritate our skins. Besides, I also like how Mon Cheri sort out their products by skin type. This will avoid people with, for example, sensitive skin to use products that are too harsh for their skins. Plus, the packing is so so so so cute! FYI, I'm a pink color lover, you can know that from my follower id and email. Haha.

    19. Follower ID: Suzanna Ng
      Name: Suzanna Ng
      E-mail: suzannang1704@yahoo.com

      Looking at it makes me fall in love with the flowery and soft look of Mon Cheri Essentials. Understanding it a bit further, i realise MON CHÉRI Essentials, the french brand is a natural skin care set that is enriched with vitamins and botanical extracts which allows the user feeling refreshed with a radiant and youthful glow. Who will not love having such a feeling every day. Dig further, the CEO is a Malaysian. Kudos to Caroline Oi for bringing our country to international arena of beauty. France is the city where you create alot fine product and pair with Caroline a Malaysian, i am pretty sure i will have its strong supporter in Malaysia. Mon Cheri Essentials will sell well here because you have both- beauty of France, brain of Malaysian. One shall experience Timeless Beauty with Mon Cheri Essentials.


    20. it would be awesome if this new skincare line available in Malaysia. I always love to try new product but the thing that i really concern is it is not available in malaysia. It is great to have a chance to try on Mon Cheri.. if this brand available in malaysia so we dont need to buy it outside of malaysia and bear unbearable delivery cost. lebih senang..haha

      follower id : aecha charmy
      name : aecha charmy
      email: justcharmy@gmail.com

    21. Follower ID: tenshichn
      Name: Patricia
      E-mail: tenshchn@outlook.com

      Question: My first exposure towards this brand was actually through your posting on fb and then your blog. The pictures, they were first at love sight. When in love, I usually feel very comfortable and at ease. This is the first impression that this product gave me. Getting to know more about them being free from harmful chemicals and the toner which is alcohol free, I knew my feelings were right. My skin were in love with them too, knowing that no harm but only the love is being applied to my sensitive skin. ^^

    22. Follower ID: snowmint
      Name: Alicia Yeoh
      E-mail: hayleymaris@gmail.com
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?

      [T]otally had me captivated at first sight,
      [I]ts products have a simple but classical design that
      [M]omentarily transported me to the picturesque country of France,
      [E]ventually I learnt about their heritage and the values they so uphold,
      [L]eading to the creation full of passion,
      [E]ndearingly named as “ MON CHÉRI ”,
      [S]kin care that is organic; pure in ingredients and pure of love,
      [S]o if loving myself is the greatest gift that I can give myself, it is going to start with skin pampering with MON CHÉRI’s products. I believe it is a brand that knows what and how it is to love its users and ultimately be loved in return. Definitely a brand on my to try list!~

    23. Follower ID: Mrs Shyza
      Name:Tengku Norliza
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?
      - 'Mon Cheri', jenama yang mudah diingati..Melihat packaging nya buat kali pertama,memberi persepsi bahawa ia kelihatan eligan,mewah dan warna merah hati seakan-akan 'close to your heart'.Apa yang lebih menarik, ia ' free from harmful chemicals'.Yup,penjagaan wajah secara natural adalah sgt berbaloi untuk setiap sen yang anda belanjakan.Ia pilihan yang mesti,harus dan wajib dicuba oleh setiap wanita...I want it too! :)

    24. Follower ID: J-Mei
      Name:Kien Mei
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?
      The packaging is so lovely that make me want to buy for myself and friends as a gift.
      This was my first time to heard of beauty product that has watermelon fruit extracts that made me want to try for it.

    25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    26. Follower Id:taysir
      Name:hazlina shaik
      Email:taysir17 at yahoo dot com
      The packaging is as unique as the Eiffel tower;the products are as delicious as macarons and the name is as romantic as the City of Lights.Joie de vie!

    27. Follower Id: ogre_rina

      Name: siti mariam

      Email: chocpencil@yahoo.com

      Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?
      I think that Mon Chéri skincare brand is elegant and beautiful just like its name. The packaging have a classic and demure design to flutter the hearts of us Malaysian girls and ladies alike. Besides maintaining its sophistication among other brands out there, Mon Chéri still manage to retain its integrity and quality by not using ingredients that are harmful to the skins thus establishing itself as a brand that deems beauty as joie de vivre! As a new skincare brand in Malaysia, i think Mon Chéri will flourish as a must have skincare products on every girls and ladies vanity table!

    28. Follower ID: shereen1224
      Name: Shereen Sow
      E-mail: shereensow89@gmail.com
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?

      Perfect for this Christmas. From your story, I think this brand will get in attraction of Malaysian. I cant wait myself to be pampered by Mon Cheri. :)

    29. Follower ID: Aik
      Name: Aik Yin Chien
      E-mail: aikychien@yahoo.com
      Question: Tell me what you think about this new skincare brand in Malaysia?

      I think Mon Cherie is a real darling in the skincare industry. The packaging is oh-so-gorgeous! It's both sweet and thoughtful, and is something that all ladies would cherish. I'm really excited that we have this new home-grown brand, can't wait to try it out! Great to know that it's free from harmful products like paraben and SLS. The branding is successfully done, no one would forget something so sweet and dear called Mon Cherie!


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