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Finally got my Stila Girlfriend Freebies!


YES! I finally got my freebies from being a Stila Girlfriend Club Member! Just a brief explanation about what's Stila GF Club is all about, stila started this in 2008 (or at least when I got to know about it after my birthday) and if u purchase RM200-00 above as a Citibank/MTV Credit Card Holder u're entitle to become a Stila GF. As a Stila GF, u get:

  1. 1st to receive Stila updates on new launches & programmes.
  2. Get invited to Stila events/parties.
  3. Birthday Specials ( I was lied to when I first became a member, they said HQ will send my birthday specials to me for my birthday month, what whole load bullcrap, I found out few months later that only ON YOUR BIRTHDAY DATE NOT MONTH u'll get ONE STAR from the COUNTER DAM I ALREADY FREAKIN MISS THIS BCOZ OF SOME NUB SA. Can't they distinguish the meaning of birthday month and date?? and if u miss it, you'll be doomed to beg from the SA to give u your bday star with some bogus reasons like no time to come on your birthday, and they'll say oklah close one eyes since it's still your "birthday week" but in my case I only found out after a few months bcoz I WAS STUPIDLY WAITING FOR THE HQ TO POST ME SOMETHING so no birthday star for me. Birthday specials my foot!!!!!)

Your GF Club Card
(more like a tracking device on your spending than a membership card and it only last 6 months dam lol funnee stupid condition whoever heard membership last 6 months? and a freakin rm200 or rm300 on purchases just to be a member back)

Redemption Program
1st star - stila gf mug
5th star- RM300 worth of cosmetic
10th star - RM500 worth of cosmetic + make up case

1st star awarded with purchase of RM300 (or RM200 if Citibank/MTV Credit Card Holder)
Subsequent star awarded with purchase of RM150.

1st star
My Stila GF Club Mug which comes in a cute box.

5th & 10th Star

Are all these rm800 worth of Stila Cosmetics? It don't looked like rm800 and boy if it it, our currency is really weak! rm800 for 9 items is MAD. Later on I got an sms from Stila BU asking me to collect my gifts. I was confused, did they split the redemption up or did I finally win a Stila contest that I have been entering in magazines? I don't know but check out my latter post on the gifts. It's amazing!

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