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I am a freebie-holic sob sob

I am not embarrass to say that I was the second place winner for Hot Magazine's "Made of Honor" Movie Preview Contest which I attended yesterday 16/06/08 (Monday night) at Cathay Cineplex Damansara. The prize? A bottle of Petalo Vino Dell'Amore Moscato Sparkling Wine worth RM150-00 for the 1st and 2nd winner who redeem their movie preview passes, which was also free because I read Hot Magazine! ngek ngek ngek (evil laugh of happiness).

The Sparkling Wine! wah..looks amazing.

Well what surprised me was that the wine came with a goodie bag that consists of the latest copy of Hot Magazine, a tongkat ali drink (wut the..) St. Ives silky moisturizer and hot shower, motorola handphone accessory, Body's Shop sample perfume, Leonard Drake's RM100 voucher, a motorola lighter (wut...the) Starbuck's buy 1 free 1 voucher, Bonita RM10 voucher, a Lipstick and the most WUT THE of all is durex condom. One may think this goodie bag must be for a "good night's entertainment".

If I can tell a story out of this goodie bag it would be:

Before my date, I'll make appointment with Leonadard Drake coz I don't want to scare my date away with my blackhead and acne fill face. After which I will go to Bonita to buy an accessory to match my panties ops clothes and rush home to take a nice hot shower with St. Ives and then put St. Ives moisturizer so that my skin will be silky soft for my date at Starbucks with Mr. Handsome.

RING RING my handphone goes and I took out my motorola strap handphone to answer "hello? Mr. Handsome? Are u here yet?" Mr. Handsome says he will be late!!! Sigh.. looks like I have to drink my Buy 1 Free 1 Starbucks all by myself and read Hot magazine while waiting for Mr. Handsome. Ops I see Mr. Handsome coming! faster re-apply my Revlon Lipstick so I can kiss him MUAHAHHAHA.

Mr. Handsome took me to a fancy restaurant where we open up my Petalo Vino Dell'Amore Moscato Sparkling Wine worth RM150-00 and we get drunk chatting about ourselves and hinting on what we're going to do later.. of coz we end up at a nice 5 star hotel (this is just fiction please don't get upset) and while in the bathroom I faster drink my tongkat ali nescafe.

Then "off lights" and XXXXXXXX under 18 cannot read plz. The I use my lighter to light up my face and say "Darling, we've only met for 2 hours and I know you'll dump me if I become pregnant, so can u pls put on this DUREX CONDOM to save us both the trouble?"

ya.. i think that's what Hot Magazine Goodie Bag is for.."good night's entertainment".


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