learning to pause instead of pressure

The Happening and some say it's not so happening.

The latest movie I've watched:


GSC.COM.MY Synopsis:

A couple goes on the run from an apocalyptic crisis that presents a large-scale threat to humanity.

My Review:
You might wonder why gsc has such a short write up on this film, well the answer is pretty simple! because the plot is the story itself and if they write about it..the whole movie goes to the dogs.

I for one was a bit MAD on Mr. Night making another "boo in ur's actually like that.." movie. After The Village, Lady in the Water I grew tired of watching his films and expecting another garbage out of "The Happening". BUT on a fateful boring day I decided to watch this movie (since I've watched almost any other movies there's none left to pick) and with my expectations at home, I sat quietly and watched the movie for 1 hour and 33minutes.

SURPRISINGLY I actually liked the movie! amidst the jokes and insults most cinema-goers and reviewers from local newspapers and such are throwing. I actually like this movie. I won't rate it a blockbuster, must see movie but on a boring, lonely day - Yes, you may actually find the idea of trees evolving to the extent protecting itself from humans by releasing neurotoxins into the air, communicating among each other to make humans go crazy INTERESTING !SPOILER ALERT! pair with gore and gruesome accidents that happen (thank god wasn't censor... fully if not the movie would be really a joke).

So u see the actual storyline of this movie is the plot itself. I give it brownie points for making an earth day attempt to point out a possible theory and warning to us pest of the world creatures who's still destroying our world by riding in cars and turning on the aircond.

One may say this is a stupid movie and one might say hey..this could happen?

I guess we know why Mr. Night name it "The Happening".

2 STARS on a rainy day.



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